Monday, September 15, 2014

The Evil GM - Gaming Props - Coins

Great little site I've stumbled into, and it maybe worth looking into to get a few of these for your campaign or adventures. There is nothing like putting a prop in your players hand to show what you are describing. 

Check out the coins..

I like to give out props or use visuals when I can in my game, I think it helps players get in the mood of the game. It also does show your players that you have taken the time to prep, and put great care into the game you are running.

While some GMs could careless, run a great game, and the players will enjoy it. But could that extra step make it go from a great to awesome?

Do you use props? How do you feel about them?

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  1. I love props. I used to hand out the strange gem, the partially burned book and the odd flask the characters found to the players in my fantasy games. I simply loved responding to "I take a good look at that thing!" with a simple nod and a smile while handing that thing over.

    Now that we play sci fi, i usually give the tablet as a data pad when there are things to read, or I had the dog tag of a soldier character made so i could hand it to them. And we sometimes use nerf guns in threatening scenarios so there is an actual display of drawing the gun and holding it gun up. This adds a little spice now and then.


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