Monday, January 30, 2012

Legend of the 5 rings rpg

Today I grabbed a copy of l5r 2e, for $3. The gm and players guide. I've played this edition of the game, but I am sure its similar to 3E and 4e for that matter. I've always enjoyed the Oriental Adventures book from AD&D 1e, and glad this whole thing kind of spawned out of it. I am also sick of hearing that Oriental is a racist term and I shouldn't support that book. First off, it was the '80s when this came out, the term was acceptable. Then Polictial correctness came along in the mid '90s and anyone who is anyone, that got a hair crossed the wrong way on their ass, started shouting and bring up lawsuits. Now suddenly the term Oriental is offensive. I can see the point of it being offensive IF USED that way. But I am not using it that way, I a describing a book and a setting... not a person.

Anyhow... back to fun.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Random Generation

As of recent I have been looking over some old games from the '80s and noticed a pattern. A pattern we all used in the games and we took for granted, and more then like fudged numbers or just picked it. What is it you say? Well random rolls for character generation. I am talking about games like Marvel RPG, or TMNT. Where you took your dice, and rolled it, where it landed, was the start of a new character for you.

It was fun, making a story for the odd character got "stuck" with. I look back and some of my old characters and laugh. In playing TMNT, I had a Camel Ninja, that spook with a british accent, and he acted like he was part of the royal family. Ah it was fun. Just thought I would share this moment that I was thinking with you all.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mazes & Perils Monster: Reanimated Hand

In efforts to make the Mazes and Perils free clone rpg noticed, I've decided to start making up new monsters for use with the game. Of course this monster can be used with any fantasy edition of gaming. 

Reanimated Hand

Move: 120’/turn*
Alignment: lawful Evil
Hit Dice: 7
Attacks: Slam or Trample
Special: See below
Armor Class: 2
Damage: 1-8 or 1-10
Treasure Type: nil

A reanimated hand is a large hand and wrist, normally with a giant fancy ring on its index finger, which it props up as if it was a head while it crawls around on the finger tips.
The origins of the hand and where it came from is unknown, but legends and rumors say it was a hand ripped from an once power immortal that went crazy with power.

The reanimated hand are immune to sleep, poison, paralysis and disease like undead.The Reanimated hand can read and write any and all languages, but can not speak. Reanimated hands have the ability of blind-sight and can sense all opponents around it.

The Reanimated hand, has the ability to slam down on a character like fist squashing a bug doing up to 8 points of damage. The Reanimated had also has the ability to run and trample over its target, much like how a stampede does doing upwards of 10 points of damage.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Magical Crossbow.. too powerful?

I was looking up show notes for RFI and stumbled across this one in an old dragon magazine (40), and was considering it for one of my games.

Crossbow of Multiplication.
May be either light or heavy, and uses the range of fire of the proper class. However, the weapon creates its own bolts. These are treated as +0, +0 magic bolts but can hit any target capable of being damaged at all by physical weapons (even those, for example, which can only be hurt by +3 weapons or by blunt weapons). Bolts disappear after hitting or missing. On each shot, roll a 20-sided die for the number of bolts fired, subtracting 5. Results of 5 or less are treated as 0 (that is, there is a 25% chance the crossbow will fire nothing at all—otherwise, it fires 1 to 15 bolts). The bolts spread out in an even cone in a forward direction, from a single bolt straight ahead to 15 in a 90-degree cone. Therefore, unless the target is very wide or very close, no more than 1 or 2 bolts will strike a single target.

After reading it, I was like, this is way too powerful for a low level campaign. But then after reading it a few times, It isn't so bad. So it shoot a lot of bolts..big deal... Will it hit things? There is a 25% chance to no bolts come out and do nothing.  Otherwise 1 to 15 bolts come out to attack my target area, but unless its a big old fat monster, only a bolt or two will hit. So it gets a bonus for looking cool and seeming like an advantage, and double bonus it only will hit one target. Triple bonus is if you have a knuckle head in your group that fires this into combat, its going to hit the whole party lol.

The only advantage a player has on this item, is if they get put up against 5 monsters at once and get first attack or its a really large monster, like a giant or a dragon.


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