Thursday, May 24, 2012

D&D Next? or 3E revised..again.

So I got the email, everyone in the D&D world has been waiting for today. The play test of D&D Next email in my inbox at 930am CST. Of Course clicking on the link, resulted in nothing but a long hang time until it gave me can not open message.

Apparently Wizards screwed up on the first link, apologizing to its fans in the forums and sent out a new link, which also hung.

Finally after a bunch of tries. I got in, signed the agreement and got the documents.

I popped open the documents, and it gives you 5 pregens. Fighter, two Clerics (a healer and a battle like), a rogue and a wizard. As well as a mini adventure, a bestiary, a "how to play document" and finally a DM Guidelines document.

After reviewing them, and reading over the documents carefully, its basically Third Edition D&D well organized. WHAT?

This is what we waited for? Wizards to bring out 3E rules, nicely organized for us?

How is this Old School? Its not. Unless you consider 3E "Old School".

How does this represent Moldvay D&D like they said in the blogs? Oh wait. I know how, its how the sheet is set up. Everything nicely squeezed into one sheet.

Just in case you are wondering, the DM guidelines document, doesn't tell you anything interesting except how to control a DC or set up an save. Something anyone can pick up in the "how to play".

Also the bestiary, does exactly what they did in 4E, tells a DM How to play the monster. A good DM doesn't need this.

I'd like to put up an image, but I guess that would violate terms and get my Blog taken down. Feel free to go download it if you can and comment.

Let's hope round two of the play test makes this look better, otherwise, just pull your 3E books off the shelf or go play Pathfinder.

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