Monday, February 8, 2016

RFI 174 Recorded this weekend, Great show it was!

This weekend, I was able to sit down with two awesome guests, +Erik Tenkar  and +Timothy Brannan  to record yet another episode of the Roll for Initiative podcast. 

This week's show I decided to mix it up a bit with a small format change just for this show. We talked about a few (hot button) topics we constantly see around the community.

I do feel the show had that "newsy" and "the best damn sports show period!" feel to it as we chatted about the topics at hand.

The show is set to drop live this Wednesday, of course if you are a Patreon supporter, you'll have already heard this show, much like every show, early.

Topics we talked about:

Dungeon Mastering?
- Is charging for seats in a local game (none conventions) fair or just greedy?
- charging to teach newbies how to play and be a DM?

- playing a simple AD during a podcast is enough, but asking and throwing in plugs more then once is that over doing it?
- Are Kickstarters hurting the hobby or helping?

Buying Books?
- Amazon vs Local Store

Forums vs Social media platforms?
- Which is more helpful vs less informative
- Which encourages more interaction and thoughtful comments?

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Face Mask of Horror - More Evil Goodness!

The Face Mask of Horror
By The Evil GM, Pulled from his Notebooks of Doom!

Now that would scare anyone!

This mask is made up from strips of burnt flesh, sewn together by silver strains of wire. The flesh appears to feel and look as if its still alive and squirming around.

When worn, this mask will put the fear of their god into them, as they must make a save vs fear with a heavy minus to stand their ground. The mask's magical properties, allows the view to see their worst nightmares each time they look at it. To stop the visions and fear, they must make a save each combat round, run or knock the mask off the face of the wearer. Knocking off the mask requires that a successful saving throw is made and then a called hit has to be made.

The Longer the character wears the mask, the closer he slowly becomes insane and keeps the mask on all the time.

The first time worn, it will work with no side effects and seem grand! After the 4th use, the Dungeon Master will have to make a secret saving throw vs spells for the character. If the save is a failure, when the player says his character takes off the mask, the Dungeon Master will tell the character, no his character feels as if he wants the mask to stay on, and that he enjoys the effects of the mask way too much.

From this point the player will know something is up, and can freely make their save with a penalty of -2 after 24 hours. If the save fails again, the character can try once more in 48 hours -4.

If the final save is not made, the character becomes insane and the mask is permanently affixed to his face as a part of his head.

The character can not have this mask removed during any phase, short of cutting the flesh on his own face, scarring him and possibly resulting in a system shock roll.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ring of Sinking Depression, Gives Bonus to stat!?

Ring of Sinking Depression
by the Evil GM, pulled from his notebooks of doom!

Price:3,000 gp
Type: Ring
Weight -


This ring is simple in appearance, plain silver with small skull in front. It is easily identified by any level Magic User as a ring that will add a bonus to the wearer's prime stat.

When the user puts the ring on, they will feel no change, but when their mood changes (for the worse) the ring's powers will kick in, granting them its magical bonus (see chart below).

Simply, the more depressed and sad the character acts and portrays as a true emotion, the higher the bonus.

The twist of this ring, is the longer the character uses the power of the ring the harder it becomes for the character to come out of their state. This factor would not be identifiable by a Magic User at all.

A character that portrays and stays in the despair state for more then a few days, risks the chance of developing an insanity from the Dungeon Master's Guide... DM's Choice, Of Course.

The Dungeon Master will secretly roll the chances, starting at 50%, adding 10% each day.

If the character is perfectly content, no bonus.
If the character is a bit melancholy, +1 bonus.
If the character is crying or sad, +3 bonus.
If the character is lost to despair,  +4 major bonus.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Ring of Healing or is it?? Muhahahah!

The Ring of Healing

by the Evil GM

Price:5,000 gp
Type: Ring
Weight -


This looks and appears to be a ring of healing granting the user the ability to heal himself 3 to 5 times a day, healing anywhere from 4 points to 24 points in a shot.

This item when identified will appear to be a ring of healing with the properties listed above, unless detected by a high level Magic User (15 and up). The real fun begins when the character puts the ring on, the ring reveals its TRUE self. The ring will work in stages as it slowly turns the character into an undead zombie.

Stage 1 - The character notices is that it will not come off at all and that he now has the ability to inflict wounds on others, instead of heal (as stated above, just inflict now).

Stage 2 - (after second usage of inflict) The character will notice he will gain healing from the infliction of wounds of equal value, if the character needs no healing, nothing will happen. The characters skin will slowly turn a pale color, and cold to the touch of others.

Stage 3 - Same as stage two, except now the character will be able to gain 5 temporary hitpoints that once lost will not return and will never go over the 5 threshold by accumilation. The character will notice (if prompted somehow) they will no longer need to eat or drink and only need 2 hours resting time. Once this happens, the character has one week of game time, otherwise this process can not be reversed, and then moves into stage 4 and if the ring comes off, the character will slowly die in 24 hours.

Stage 4 - Final stage, Character will stop breathing, heart beat will stop completely and will show all the signs of being undead now.

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