Friday, April 5, 2019

Ghostbusters: Ready to Believe Episode 6 – Staking out the Dallas Warehouse

What appears to be a routine stake out for the Ghostbusters, turns into a lot more, as they encounter some weird happenings in the middle of the night. They encounter two strange ghosts, and get a warning from a stranger.

The warehouse for this episode is loosely based on the lore of the Spaghetti Warehouse in Downtown Dallas.

This game takes place in Dallas Texas.

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Characters include:

  • John Biggs – Former Military man, looking to bust ghosts Goals: Military
  • Bill Weston – Former vacuum salesman, looking for a good paying job, Ghosts are real. Goals: Wealth, Peace
  • Dr Nick Oldrick – Scientist with a degree from Harvard, Brooke Harvard University. Goals: Prove Existence
  • Butch – Australian, who enjoys fixing things, mechanic at heart, likes to invent. Goals: Soulless Science
  • Eliza – Former stunt woman, who thought she was getting a job a goat farm. Goals: Serving Humanity

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