Friday, March 6, 2015

The Evil GM - Using Lego for FAL Minis?

With this week of all the stupid ice storms, me not being able to get into work, trapped inside my own house, I got to thinking about using minis in the Far Away Land.

I quickly looked at my D&D minis and thought they wouldn't make due, because they were boring and didn't show off the wacky wonders found in FAL.

Then I got to glancing over at my hundreds of Star Wars Lego figs I had, and thought let me look. I wasn't let down at the Lego site, as with these couple of examples of the sets you can purchase and then mix and match for great little monsters.

I will be heading to the Lego Store this weekend, and grab a bunch of little pieces, bodies, heads and whatever else to see what I can make.

I've used Lego in my Star Wars games before, but nothing else, so this should be fun as well.

Sure I could print the creatures on small hard-stock paper, and cut them into minis with standees, but using Lego for this project would be a lot more fun.

Anyone else think this could work out?

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  1. I used to buy a lot of stuff on - it's cheaper than minis and you can make a character that looks exactly how you like. So many accessories.


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