Sunday, April 26, 2020

Palladium Megaverse Podcast – DeadWinter Ep 11 – Zach and the Preacher..

After trying to catch some shut eye, the group wakes up to find he A-holes are back, and attacking the base in full force, determined to get inside this time. Lead by a new face named Zach, he tries to get inside. Meanwhile a new player joins the game with some followers.

This game takes place in Texas

Cast of Survivors

    • Steven playing – Dr David Nobles – Medical Doctor
    • Geoff playing – Mike Vancarr – Auto Mechanic
    • Sarah playing – Anne Burns – Firefighter
    • Corey playing – Petrov Kransky – Private Investigator
    • David playing – Officer Winston Sullivan – Police Officer
    • Jakob playing – “Shep” – Preacher
    • Vince is the Game Master

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