Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Got a question about 5e? "Ask The DM" is now open!

I've been getting a lot of questions about podcasting and D&D 5e from twitter and my personal social media sites. I try to answer them all, but sometimes I am at work and I forget or that question gets lost in the shuffle of social media. 

That's not fair to the person asking the question. SO I've decide to make good use of my blog, and open up "ASKTHEDM(@)TheEvilDM(.)Com" - which will feed into a special email account for me to keep track of things. I will then take the question and or comment and answer it on a post for all folks to see. You can also just use the contact page I have installed on here at the top under my page links http://www.theevildm.com/p/ask-dm.html

So feel free to still contact me as you have been folks, but if you want an answer straight away, contact me here!

I've already saved up a few questions, so I'll answer them in the next few posts to kick it off.

(P.S. - First names or nicknames will be used only when displaying the email, no email address will be shown.)

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