Monday, June 6, 2016

Introducing the Mazes & Perils G+ Community!

Now that the game is in many fans hands, some people will want to see "what's next?" and this is the place to go for all the information myself and +Brian Fitzpatrick will release.

Now I am sure you may or may not be asking, "What's next?"

Well things we have coming down the pipeline:

  1. Adventures
  2. New Classes
  3. Supplements
Those are things we are working on right now and will be out as soon as we can get them out. The first thing on our agenda will be to get the softcover book available for folks to purchase. Quite a few people at the convention (North Texas RPGCON) asked if there was a soft cover and the answer is, "yes, soon". We just need to work out a few little kinks in the layout and it will be POD via RPGNOW.

- Evil out!

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