Monday, August 13, 2012

D&D Next, Round 2

So today the next round of D&D next came shooting into my email. I quickly downloaded it before all the geeks could jump on it and overload the server. It downloaded quickly (good job WOTC). Opened it up and it was interesting to see it went from the fancy play test stuff to basic words on a page with no real fancy lay out like on the first one. This to me felt like, now they were getting down to serious business.

This time instead of giving us just pregens, they have included how to make up a character from the start. Which I can say, is no different then when we played say 3E.

There was also a document, detailing what they changed and how to use this new play test packet. In this document, it detailed and broke down in each section what is new. For example, what rules changed or are new. What changed about Monsters, what changed about classes..etc.

I do have to say I am impressed with go around, as it feels more like a real beta test and they mean business, unlike the first round where it felt like a couple of guys joking around giving you some fancy work ups of their creation.

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