Monday, May 25, 2020

The World of Arkonis Episode 43 – Season 3 Begins…

The new season starts here, as the group says good bye to an old friend, and a former party member from the past rejoins up with the group. The group travels across seas to pick up a lost passenger, and then heads towards a pirate cove to get his priceless items back!

Characters on the show:

      • Geoff – Lord Faulk (Gnome Illusionist)
      • David – Old Humey (Wood Elf Druid)
      • Sarah – Rozz (Human Trickster)
      • Corey – Steve (Human Fighter)
      • Jakob – Akio (Cat Bushi Class)
      • Steven – Ulfric (Dwarven Cleric) // Sylovar – (Elf Magic User)
      • Vince – The Dungeon Master

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