Sunday, May 3, 2020

Palladium Megaverse Podcast – DeadWinter Ep 12 – Shep and his followers

Once the group runs off Zach and his guys, Shep and his followers join the group. Shep provides information about Zach, how dangerous he is and that he feels taking him out now would be the best plain of action. The audio on this episode might be a little off as it was taken from Corey’s recording of the game because Vince’s audio recording software crashed mid game, thank goodness for backups.

This game takes place in Texas

Cast of Survivors

    • Steven playing – Dr David Nobles – Medical Doctor
    • Geoff playing – Mike Vancarr – Auto Mechanic
    • Sarah playing – Anne Burns – Firefighter
    • Corey playing – Petrov Kransky – Private Investigator
    • David playing – Officer Winston Sullivan – Police Officer
    • Jakob playing – “Shep” – Preacher
    • Vince is the Game Master

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