Thursday, February 6, 2020

Shadowrun Fatal Error Ep 2 -Thumbs up with the Firehawk.

After getting the bar back and straightening things out, the Thumbs up gang comes skulking around the bar for one last confrontation with the group. Afterwards the Group finds out some information from a mysterious man named the Firehawk, which gives them a clue where BB might be hiding out. With information in hand, the group heads towards their next goal to find BB.


Players & Characters on the show:

  • Vince – FranZisco Nikon – Decker
  • Stephen – Brendan Crowe – Mage
  • Geoff – Eddie “the way” Mandelle – Rigger
  • Sarah – Nadia Ordill – Adept
  • Corey – The GameMaster

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