Friday, November 1, 2019

The World of Arkonis Episode 26 – AD&D 1e: The Temple aftermath

We come back to the group right where we left off as we left them, in a temple, dealing with the aftermath of the whole situation. Rozz is missing, Ulfric is down, and now they need to figure out where to go? Does the group not trust Lord Faulk? They get into some more combat at night. Listen in and see!

Characters on the show:

  • Steven – Ulfric (Dwarven Cleric)
  • Geoff – Lord Faulk (Gnome Illusionist)
  • David – Old Humey (Wood Elf Druid)
  • Sarah – Rozz (Human Trickster)
  • Corey – Steve (Human Fighter)

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