Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Campaigns designed around music, have you done this?

Tapes! Don't miss them!

I was driving today and was thinking, back to the days of when I was a kid, I listened to a lot of "heavy metal" music. One of my favorite groups to listen to during that time was Manowar! Not only did their music fall in line with what I loved, but also had amazing fantasy stories with them. I remember basing various AD&D 1e campaigns off of just listening to a story about monsters attacking a kingdom.

I remember creating this giant beast, a demonic beast with 4 heads, and 6 arms that was threatening the kingdom of the great Blood king. This king was a ruthless man, but loved by his people because he kept them safe. Since this beast was threatening the kingdom, that love took a nose dive and the people didn't care for him anymore.

I remember putting the players in a situation that they had to decide, do they help this ruthless King and reap the rewards of doing so? or help the people of the land, and just know they "did the right thing" for everyone and made life better.

Of course we were all young teens, so my friends picked "help the king and get rewarded".

It didn't help that most of the players decided to be evil bastards, but hey, we were young and wanted to gain riches and get the girl! (again, we were young male teens, different time lol)

The picture I grabbed for this blog was a tape I looked at while listening to this group (not thee tape, not sure what happened to it). But I'll include a link to their music via youtube and you can be judge of their music.

Have you ever done this, using music to inspire a setting for your campaign?

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