Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Stop Worrying about damage and best combo for race/classes and just play dammit!

Haven’t really updated in a while, been very busy with life, the podcasts I am doing and actually gaming on a weekly basis. 

I have a lot of things going on and coming down the pipe, but something today I read online, really resonated with me, and it brewed in my head while driving to work.

Things that drive me nuts when playing in my game, and when reading things online about D&D 5e. People need to stop worrying about damage output and just play a damn class because it’s interesting. I understand and give those people props that enjoy putting the best possible of numbers and combinations together for their “fun” and it’s not wrong.

The only time its “wrong” is when you decide to play the best possible combo character because it is the best possible combo and it’s not something you really want to play. There is way too many posts about “how can I make this class do this or that so I can cause the most this or that.”

How about, play a class to experience it, and then work with it. Sometimes the BEST roleplaying game experiences come from that character you designed up, with shitty stat roles, and can only cast a few spells.

So what if you miss more often than most? Who cares if you can’t be the guy who unloads a shit load of damage in one shot?

Pick a race and class that appeals and then play it with the stats you have, don’t automatically go diving into these “Guide of how to play XX Class”.

Again, don’t take this as me saying, “Your fun is wrong” but rather me saying, “Don’t always pick the best of the best, because IT’S THE BEST” 

This is my opinion and if you don't like, I don't give a fuck. 

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