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Its about gaming, but D&D is top on my list, from D&D 5e, Pathfinder to good old AD&D 1e (where my roots come from!). I'm an Evil DM, I have been for many years, to the point folks enjoy my games and style but fear things in game. Paranoia is great and fuels a lot of awesome roleplaying situations with characters in game. Nothing is as it seems in my games, so feel free to show up in my game with your books and TRY to rules lawyer me, it will only result in another character soul taken. Remember you are the Dungeon Master and ANYTHING can be done as long as you can dream it up because you rule the game, not the other way around! IF the book doesn't list it, doesn't mean its not possible, think folks, you are the DM, do as you please, its your world! Over 1000+ character souls taken as of this date!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Busy start to 2017, but good for Mazes & Perils!

What have I been up to this holiday and now into the new year? Well, that's easy since things have been so slow around the office and I had a lot downtime, I decided to knock out some writing!

So what do I have on my plate you wonder and what's completed?

As you can see the screenshot above, it's my OneNote online, which was easier to take a glance screenshot from than the actual OneNote 2016 app.

Anyhow, I am working on an entire adventure series for Maze & Perils, located in my Homebrew campaign world, called "The Kingdom of Havenstone".

KHS = King of HavenStone

Each module is part of a series of the adventures, and the khsA is side adventure that's optional to run to help pad a little experience for your group and get them up in level. As anyone knows, I am an Evil DM, so all the advantage a character can get (experience wise) it should be taken!

KHS1 - 100% (editing phase)
KHSA - 100% (editing phase)
KHS2 - 95% (finishing touches, writing)
KHS3 - 50% (writing)
KHS4 - 10% (planning, just starting phase)

From these adventures spanned two new classes, new monsters, and a handful of new spells!

So it looks like +Brian Fitzpatrick will have a busy year at Moebius Adventures for Mazes & Perils!


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