Monday, January 2, 2017

Busy start to 2017, but good for Mazes & Perils!

What have I been up to this holiday and now into the new year? Well, that's easy since things have been so slow around the office and I had a lot downtime, I decided to knock out some writing!

So what do I have on my plate you wonder and what's completed?

As you can see the screenshot above, it's my OneNote online, which was easier to take a glance screenshot from than the actual OneNote 2016 app.

Anyhow, I am working on an entire adventure series for Maze & Perils, located in my Homebrew campaign world, called "The Kingdom of Havenstone".

KHS = King of HavenStone

Each module is part of a series of the adventures, and the khsA is side adventure that's optional to run to help pad a little experience for your group and get them up in level. As anyone knows, I am an Evil DM, so all the advantage a character can get (experience wise) it should be taken!

KHS1 - 100% (editing phase)
KHSA - 100% (editing phase)
KHS2 - 95% (finishing touches, writing)
KHS3 - 50% (writing)
KHS4 - 10% (planning, just starting phase)

From these adventures spanned two new classes, new monsters, and a handful of new spells!

So it looks like +Brian Fitzpatrick will have a busy year at Moebius Adventures for Mazes & Perils!


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