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Got a question about 5e? "Ask The DM" is now open!

I've been getting a lot of questions about podcasting and D&D 5e from twitter and my personal social media sites. I try to answer them all, but sometimes I am at work and I forget or that question gets lost in the shuffle of social media.

Satanic Panic Kickstarter - Government Agents combating the evils of tabletop RPGs?

So I've lived through the era of the "Satanic Panic" and roleplaying games in the '80s. Yes I'm old, and yes I was playing D&D as a kid, when this happened.

#BuffySlays20 is trending today.. and why not celebrate along! #RPG

On March 10th, 1997 this little show premiered on TheWB channel all over the USA, called Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  While it had an interesting start it wasn't instantly loved by all as it is today.

Actual Play Podcast and why you SHOULD listen to as many as you can!

Most people can't stand actual play podcasts, mostly find them boring or the audio quality is SO bad, it makes your ears bleed to the point everyone around you feel like Ash from the Evil Dead movie.

Review: Improved Round Table Initiative - what is this for 5e?

Today we are talking a look at a product from the DM's Guild called, Improved Round Table Initiative by a guest poster on this blog. Let's call her "IDGAF" for now..... until she decides on a name, which I am sure she will.
I'll admit to having done some things to make combat go quicker. I DM a big group, and some of the players can get a bit distracted on their turns. We’ve implemented time limits with a default Dodge action, I plan on having initiative tracker cards at our next session. Even with those, sometimes I feel like the turns go a bit long on some players, but we’re working on it. For those DM’s that are having problems keeping track of initiative and want to streamline combat a bit more, Improved Round Table Initiative could be one of those options.

Review of Nerzugal’s Game Master Toolkit for D&D 5e

A couple of days ago, I took look at a really cool tool for a DM by Nerzagul called, "The Dungeon Master Toolkit". Feel free to go take a look that before reading this, don't worry I will wait. Done? Good! Well today is a follow up, as I found out Nerzugal released a new toolkit on RPGNOW, now named the GAME MASTER TOOLKIT and he's released this new one under the OGL version 1.0a.

Review of Nerzugal’s Dungeon Master Toolkit for D&D 5E

Today I am going to take a look at a great resource for DM’s, Nerzugal’s Dungeon Master Toolkit. I’m sure quite a few people already know about this product – Heck it’s a Platinum Best Seller on the DM’s Guild site – but it’s PACKED with 100 pages of juicy goodness for Dungeon Masters of new and old to get something useful out of it.

A0 The Rising Knight (5e Rules) - Troll Lord Games, major discount today, Only $1.40!

The deal of the day today is an introductory 5e adventure by Troll Lord Games, and its only $1.40?! How can you beat that! Head over to Drivethrurpg now!

Check it out and buy it now!

Mazes & Perils RPG - Sleep Spell Errata/Adjustments

Thank you to some play testing this weekend with the Snakes Heart Revised Module for Mazes & Perils by +William Pfaff .

He found that the sleep spell was missing somethings in its description and with out those things, it turns a level 1 spell into a kill machine for munchkins to go wild with!

Mazes & Perils Wisdom Chart and New Mechanic?

For those that have been wondering, "Where is the Wisdom bonus modifier chart?" and "What's the incentive for Clerics putting a high score in Wisdom and not using it as a dump stat?" The answer is here and will be included in the new errata for the book.

Mazes & Perils - Necromancer Class design and thoughts

I'm always working, and always creating things for my games, but the last week had me exploring a class that I've always enjoyed creating in whatever D&D game I am playing. 
The Necromancer!

Mazes & Perils Short Sheet? Mini Sheet? Ideas for a compact character sheet

This an idea I got after in my head after playing at someone's house, we had limited space at the small table, and people kept having to shuffle papers of their character sheet with their note pad and books.

Black Pudding Issue #2 now in print!