Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SpaceLords of Venus - working away - Fearians Race

Still working away at SpaceLords of Venus, a Space Pulp edition to Mazes & Perils. Here is what my OneNote looks like so far and this is the tab I am working on.

Some folks wanted a little look at what I was doing since I announced this whole thing. This race I am basing off an old episode of Challenge of the Super-friends, I believe it was episode #2.

I am sitting here and wonder how I should handle the three heads and what purpose will all three have? Will each head be its own thing? Or will it be like the cartoon, in which all three heads are the same, but for some weird reason the body sprouted three heads instead of one... and will this mean playing this character, you'll be smarter? Three brains? Lots of questions to flesh out and more! If anything this picture will serve as a concept reference point to design my race for this game.

Well back to work!

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