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D&D 5E Free Mini Adventure Review: Witch's Cottage

"All who travel the forest fear well the cottage of Halia Whitethorn, a sinister witch who spends her days mixing strange and powerful potions in her workshop. Her tinctures are renowned for their arcane properties, but any adventurer seeking her wares is sure to first find a great deal of danger...Witch's Cottage is a 5e one-shot dungeon by Jesse Gazic, written for 1st-level adventurers. The dungeon includes full stat blocks for all encounters and original maps. Jesse can be reached at or on Twitter. " (You can travel here to download it free or donate a small amount if you'd like.)

This adventure (well I want to call it a side quest, because I can see my group blowing through this 7 room adventure in like an hour or less) is awesome and highly recommended to pick up.
The first 3 pages is packed with description of each of the rooms along with how to incorporate this into your game. 
The descriptions are enough if you want add a thing or two he…

The new Ghostbusters movie, a "disaster"

I finally got a chance to view the new Ghostbusters preview the other day and I absolutely hate it. No it has nothing to do with the cast, which happens to be all women. I could care less about that part, in fact the casting is a really good mix. Why don't I like it?
It doesn't feel like the Ghostbusters I've grown up with and watched, over and over and over since the '80s.
If feels like a cheap knock off, kind of like when they had that Ghostbusters animated cartoon with talking ape and weird people.. 

Then the real cartoon came out and they had to use the title, "The REAL" before it so no one would mistake it for that utter piece of trash going around using its name.

Yeah, it's like that.
According Breitbart news:
"..The official Ghostbusters 2016 trailer has 815,000 dislikes and just 239,000 likes.."  Here's the official trailer for the movie:

 Its packed with bad effects and a bad story with cheap jokes that aren't even funny. Grant…

I'll be at North Texas RPG Con, Podcasting and Showing off Mazes & Perils

I'll be attending North Texas RPG Con this year in June (3rd to 5th) to play in the usual games and of course do some live podcasts for Roll For Initiative along with some for the Path of Legends Podcast. I will be sitting along side +Erik Tenkar my co-host for Path of Legends for a show and then be joined by +Glen Hallstrom  of Thaco's Hammer for another.

The Crypt Thing 5E Style

Crypt ThingArmor Class 12
Hit Points 58
Speed 50 ft.
STRDEXCONINTWISCHA20 (+5)14 (+2)14 (+2)15 (+2)13 (+1)11 (+0)Skills Perception +3, Survival +3
Senses passive Perception 13
Languages Elvish, Sylvan, Common
Challenge 2 (450 XP)

A pale, solitary skeletal being which always wears a brown, hooded robe, the crypt thing stays in its lair permanently (at least, none have been encountered elsewhere) and will not attack if it is left undisturbed.