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The Evil GM - Far Away Land - Taking a close look at Character Creation

I was talking to a few of my buddies yesterday and they became very interested when I showed them my Far Away Land RPG Tome of Awesome. What caught their eye was the artwork and then they wanted to know more about the game. 

They've seen my posts on the subject and seen the posts +Erik Tenkar from Tenkar's Tavern puts up like a million times in a day (he's a posting machine madman!) and now really want to know more about it.
I sat down (well virtually,  'cause it was done online) and we talked about the game in general, the wackiness, and then how characters are created.
Everything pretty much explains itself, but I think the folks I was talking with had a little bit of an issue with the whole, "you can design your character to be whatever you want".
Yes, you can do that.
Quote from the Tome of Awesome, page 5 to 6: Character Conception
Before you begin rolling dice and making a PC, think about the type of PC you want to create. Take into consideration the type of g…

The Evil GM - Far and Away Podcast is now on iTunes!

Finally Apple has sent the information to me alerting me the Far and Away podcast, the only wonderful podcast that talks about the Far Away Land RPG, is now available in searches.

So for those with iPhones, iPods and iPads go ahead and follow this link and it will open directly for you where the podcast is located.
For those on a PC, you can also click and it will open iTunes and show you our show.
So get out there, subscribe, download and give us a review! Remember the more reviews we get the more we get moved up on the list of iTunes Podcasts!

The Evil GM - Far Away Land Premium Tome of Awesome!

Opened up the mailbox and this little gem was sitting there waiting for me and of course everyone wanted to touch and look at the book in my group when I brought it over to them. 
Looks like we might be playing a game of it soon, but we need more books (off to buy!), I don't want this copy being used and abused around the table!
Thanks to the creator Dirk +Far Away Land RPG  for this wonderful edition of the book.
Don't forget its coming soon, the +The Far and Away Podcast -- remember our website is

The Evil GM - Breaking news for Far Away Land RPG Fans. Creature Cards will be for sale!

Today I was given some interesting news from the creator of the Far Away Land rpg,( +Far Away Land RPG ) Dirk.
He let me know the Creature Cards from the KickStarter he held in March 2014, will be released this month so all folks can purchase and enjoy them for their own home games!
Now that is great news as I know quite a few people have been interested in picking those up for their own their own collecting purposes.
No price has been determined at this point, but please do keep checking on this blog as more news breaks.

The Evil GM - Using Lego for FAL Minis?

With this week of all the stupid ice storms, me not being able to get into work, trapped inside my own house, I got to thinking about using minis in the Far Away Land.
I quickly looked at my D&D minis and thought they wouldn't make due, because they were boring and didn't show off the wacky wonders found in FAL.
Then I got to glancing over at my hundreds of Star Wars Lego figs I had, and thought let me look. I wasn't let down at the Lego site, as with these couple of examples of the sets you can purchase and then mix and match for great little monsters.
I will be heading to the Lego Store this weekend, and grab a bunch of little pieces, bodies, heads and whatever else to see what I can make.
I've used Lego in my Star Wars games before, but nothing else, so this should be fun as well.
Sure I could print the creatures on small hard-stock paper, and cut them into minis with standees, but using Lego for this project would be a lot more fun.
Anyone else think this could work …

The Evil GM - Review of A1 - Far Away Land RPG Adventures: Isle of the Rat Wizard

Today I decided to take a look at one of the modules for the Far Away Land RPG. Of course you all may or may not know this game has quickly jumped onto my #1 game to play list. Why?

It's simple, streamlined, feels very OSR but yet modern enough to compete with say the new D&D. I am having fun creating just plain and wacky creatures.
Anyhow, I will be taking a look at the adventure A1 - Isle of the Rat Wizard.
First off the bat, the module is pay what you want as the price, so you want to pay nothing to check it out, go ahead.
Second, the module is only 7 pages long or 3 and 1/2 (depending how you print it).
Third the adventure looks small but it you will get a nice session out of for the night with some good role play from the players.
Fourth, this module is listed as part of an ongoing series of modules, which has been said by Dirk the creator in the G+ community will go up to and conclude at 12.
Now that we got that out of the way we can jump into the module.
The cover gives us this…

The Evil GM - March 4th, GM's Day at!

Here is your chance to get your favorite GM (Ehem, ME!) something from, for 30% off starting March 3rd!

Oh yeah and you can get something for yourself too, may I suggest getting the +Far Away Land RPG, located here

The Evil GM - Character with Baby, Follow up.

Following up on my post from last week, when one of my players asked about a concept of her character having a baby while adventuring, The Evil GM - Adventurer with... baby?!
The group got together, and we all talked about it, and everyone seemed to agree with playing along. One player even stepped up and decided on going with a Paladin to make sure "nothing happens to the baby". He also decided that their back story was they met along the way and the Paladin out of the kindness of his heart, started helping her and protecting her.. not THINKING there was anything wrong.
The back story on her snatching the baby, was that the mother and father died while out in the field doing work. How she got the baby was she was traveling out of town, and heard the baby crying, and went to investigate. When she came upon the house she found the parents dead, the house ransacked and a crying baby nestled in blankets in a crib. She, with out thought, took the baby and ran, not seeing if anyone…