Friday, April 24, 2015

THACO's Hammer AD&D 2e Trivia Game, Session 4

By popular demand, we’re once again showing the depth of our D&D knowledge (or lack thereof)! Join the host DM Glen, and the players DM Brian and Fulongamer as they square off in a mano y mano, 2nd edition geekery deathmatch!! After the round is done, they bring the show to a close with a round of emails.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Evil GM - Converting favorite Cartoons/TV Shows to your games..thoughts on the topic.

Man, sometimes you get a great idea in your mind of a cartoon or TV show and you just want to convert it over to your favorite game.

So then you sit down to do:
  • Tons of research of what you think would be cool to use in your game.
  • Maybe watch a few episodes of that cartoon.
  • Watch it again, this time taking notes.
Finally you realized you've done all this work and not a lot to show for it all, but you push forward.

Then suddenly you get stuck on trying to convert something or make something work in the world of roleplaying. 

This sudden stop makes you question what you've done before, so now you start going over what you already did. This makes you frustrated as now you are going over everything, until you get to the point you just say, "SCREW IT" and you don't bother with the entire project. 

Sadly now it just sits where you left it as you move onto something else in life.

This is what I heard from a friend last night while I was planning out the show notes for the various podcasts I do.

The only advice I could really give on the topic, is do your research, move forward and sometimes realize NOT EVERYTHING from a TV Show or cartoon can be ported over to your favorite game. Sometimes things will need to be made up on the fly or find a rule that fits it to the best of the games ability. Sometimes, somethings will just not fit with the game at all.

I wonder how many people start projects of converting something and just leave it because of a roadblock or something like that?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Evil GM - Far Away Land - Taking a close look at Character Creation

I was talking to a few of my buddies yesterday and they became very interested when I showed them my Far Away Land RPG Tome of Awesome. What caught their eye was the artwork and then they wanted to know more about the game. 

They've seen my posts on the subject and seen the posts +Erik Tenkar from Tenkar's Tavern puts up like a million times in a day (he's a posting machine madman!) and now really want to know more about it.

I sat down (well virtually,  'cause it was done online) and we talked about the game in general, the wackiness, and then how characters are created.

Everything pretty much explains itself, but I think the folks I was talking with had a little bit of an issue with the whole, "you can design your character to be whatever you want".

Yes, you can do that.

Quote from the Tome of Awesome, page 5 to 6:
Character Conception
Before you begin rolling dice and making a PC, think about the type of PC you want to create. Take into consideration the type of game the GM will be running and the ways your PC could be both unique and beneficial to the game setting. It is a good idea for players and GMs to discuss the type of characters being created.
Once your group has decided on the type of game to play, look for inspiration from movies, books, TV, cartoons, etc. to help you create the character you want. Don't worry about making the perfect character but rather a character that is unique and interesting to you.

Want to design up a ninja that can cast spells? Sure go ahead!
Want to design up a warrior that uses a shovel ? Sure go ahead!

How is this possible? Well, looking further into the rules of character creation we see under step 7, something called Boons, or if you want to compare it to something, its sorta like Feats in D&D 3e and up.

Quote from the Tome of Awesome, page 7:
Boons represent areas in which a PC has trained or had experience and therefore gains a bonus die to their Stat roll when attempting a specific action. All Boons start with a +1 die bonus which is applied to the Stat roll associated with the Boon. A Boon can have a maximum score of +5. PCs begin with a maximum of 4 Boons.

This is how you make or mold the character into your vision with the list of boons given in the book, plus you are encouraged to sit down with the GM and design up custom ones to fit your character.

So looking at that Ninja concept again:

We see there is a Boon to use Magic, called Arcane... Great! Now let's look on the list, we see Sneak and Melee perfect! Now we have one Boon left, we can either grab another from the list or sit the GM and design one up to fit the Ninja concept..

Quick thoughts on a special Boon, would be Ninjutsu (or commonly Ninjitsu). Looking at that is a little involved and it's not just one thing, but could work. So maybe after crafting it, the GM may say, okay, well when we do your flaws, you have to take an extra one.

Yes, along with the good, there is a the bad. Flaws. You have to take 1d3 flaws and the book does suggest them for you, or you can make custom ones.

This is how flexible and wonderful this system can be! I suggest if you are reading this and want to know more, check out the Far and Away Podcast and go to the Far Away Land RPG Website for more information on the game itself!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Evil GM - Far and Away Podcast is now on iTunes!

Finally Apple has sent the information to me alerting me the Far and Away podcast, the only wonderful podcast that talks about the Far Away Land RPG, is now available in searches.

So for those with iPhones, iPods and iPads go ahead and follow this link and it will open directly for you where the podcast is located.

For those on a PC, you can also click and it will open iTunes and show you our show.

So get out there, subscribe, download and give us a review! Remember the more reviews we get the more we get moved up on the list of iTunes Podcasts!

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Evil GM - Far Away Land Premium Tome of Awesome!

Opened up the mailbox and this little gem was sitting there waiting for me and of course everyone wanted to touch and look at the book in my group when I brought it over to them. 

Looks like we might be playing a game of it soon, but we need more books (off to buy!), I don't want this copy being used and abused around the table!

Thanks to the creator Dirk +Far Away Land RPG  for this wonderful edition of the book.

Don't forget its coming soon, the +The Far and Away Podcast -- remember our website is

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Evil GM - Breaking news for Far Away Land RPG Fans. Creature Cards will be for sale!

Today I was given some interesting news from the creator of the Far Away Land rpg,( +Far Away Land RPG ) Dirk.

He let me know the Creature Cards from the KickStarter he held in March 2014, will be released this month so all folks can purchase and enjoy them for their own home games!

Now that is great news as I know quite a few people have been interested in picking those up for their own their own collecting purposes.

No price has been determined at this point, but please do keep checking on this blog as more news breaks.

The Evil GM - Using Lego for FAL Minis?

With this week of all the stupid ice storms, me not being able to get into work, trapped inside my own house, I got to thinking about using minis in the Far Away Land.

I quickly looked at my D&D minis and thought they wouldn't make due, because they were boring and didn't show off the wacky wonders found in FAL.

Then I got to glancing over at my hundreds of Star Wars Lego figs I had, and thought let me look. I wasn't let down at the Lego site, as with these couple of examples of the sets you can purchase and then mix and match for great little monsters.

I will be heading to the Lego Store this weekend, and grab a bunch of little pieces, bodies, heads and whatever else to see what I can make.

I've used Lego in my Star Wars games before, but nothing else, so this should be fun as well.

Sure I could print the creatures on small hard-stock paper, and cut them into minis with standees, but using Lego for this project would be a lot more fun.

Anyone else think this could work out?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Evil GM - Review of A1 - Far Away Land RPG Adventures: Isle of the Rat Wizard

Today I decided to take a look at one of the modules for the Far Away Land RPG. Of course you all may or may not know this game has quickly jumped onto my #1 game to play list. Why?

It's simple, streamlined, feels very OSR but yet modern enough to compete with say the new D&D. I am having fun creating just plain and wacky creatures.

Anyhow, I will be taking a look at the adventure A1 - Isle of the Rat Wizard.

First off the bat, the module is pay what you want as the price, so you want to pay nothing to check it out, go ahead.

Second, the module is only 7 pages long or 3 and 1/2 (depending how you print it).

Third the adventure looks small but it you will get a nice session out of for the night with some good role play from the players.

Fourth, this module is listed as part of an ongoing series of modules, which has been said by Dirk the creator in the G+ community will go up to and conclude at 12.

Now that we got that out of the way we can jump into the module.

The cover gives us this nice little short blurb:
"Your party is shipwrecked on mysterious Island filled with Ratlings who are led by a crazed wizard. The town of Hallo needs heroes. Welcome to the Isle of the Rat Wizard. Explore and try to survive as you discover the mysteries and secrets of the Skull Island."

Alright so we know the PCs are on a boat and they somehow get shipwrecked on the island. Maybe a great storm? Maybe they were trying to out run another ship and didn't notice the rocks at night towards the island? Maybe the ship was attacked by a giant fish monster? 

Whatever the case, you're the GM, you decide.

We get a nice simple and colorfully drawn map keyed for the locations on the island. Such as the river, the jungle and the settlement of Hallo are just some examples. We also get a nice handy random weather generator to help set the mood of the island.

There is also two random wandering monsters charts to roll upon.

The point of this adventure is that the characters are stuck and there is only one way to get off this island, another boat is needed.

Where can they get it?

From the people of Hallo, of course! They have a small encampment and are willing to provide the PCs with a boat and a gold bar, if they remove the Ratlings infestation on the island. The people of Hallo are weak and really can't handle the Ratlings, so in come the PCs, the Ratlingbusters!

This is where a bunch of great roleplaying can happen, between the folks of Hallo and the PCs. Will the PCs convince some of the Hallo-[ians] to fight along side them, or will they push the folks too far and get kicked out?

So once the PCs agree, they find out most of Ratlings live in the giant hard to miss skull mountain, plus there is a nice encampment the Ratlings set up themselves, but the PCs wont know this.

Now the PCs have to find a way to get to the mountain. Do they brave the hot creepy jungle? Grab a small fishing boat and brave the rushing river that pours out into the sea? Hmmm.

Whatever the PCs decide, they are in store for some challenges, as they will run into Ratlings or  the winged hairy that will stand in their way.

The author does a nice job suggesting how to proceed and let's you roll with what you'd like to do as the party makes its way into the mountain to discover what's hidden in the skull mountain.

What? You want me to tell you everything? Nope. Don't want to just in case players are reading.

Just kidding!

The mountain has 5 key locations and each room is described with what to do, including to when you reach the "big bad" near the end and have battle against what appears to be a magic wielding undead rat king!

All in all this is a sold nights adventure with a lot of fun. 

Best part is it is Pay what you want, so go ahead and pay nothing to take a look, but if you enjoy it... Why not head back to throw some silver the authors way.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Evil GM - March 4th, GM's Day at!

Here is your chance to get your favorite GM (Ehem, ME!) something from, for 30% off starting March 3rd!

Oh yeah and you can get something for yourself too, may I suggest getting the +Far Away Land RPG, located here

The Evil GM - Character with Baby, Follow up.

Following up on my post from last week, when one of my players asked about a concept of her character having a baby while adventuring, The Evil GM - Adventurer with... baby?!

The group got together, and we all talked about it, and everyone seemed to agree with playing along. One player even stepped up and decided on going with a Paladin to make sure "nothing happens to the baby". He also decided that their back story was they met along the way and the Paladin out of the kindness of his heart, started helping her and protecting her.. not THINKING there was anything wrong.

The back story on her snatching the baby, was that the mother and father died while out in the field doing work. How she got the baby was she was traveling out of town, and heard the baby crying, and went to investigate. When she came upon the house she found the parents dead, the house ransacked and a crying baby nestled in blankets in a crib. She, with out thought, took the baby and ran, not seeing if anyone else was alive or if she had local family.

Does this fall under "evil intentions" or "motherly nurturing"?

Maybe a little of both, as she decided on Chaotic Good for her alignment.

Here is a twist I decided to add, her character was not aware of the older (but not enough to defend) brother who was hiding in the closet peering out.

So.. I could set this up for a whole brother on her tail, seeking out revenge, as maybe he thinks this character slaughtered his parents and stole his baby sister.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Evil GM - Adventurer with... baby?!

I am in the process of gathering up some friends and doing a face to face game of D&D, and I told my friends, think about your character concepts as we will be rolling up characters next time we meet. I also advised them that I want them to work as a group and figure out their back stories, whom they know in the town, family members..etc. I wanted to see if they could form a well rounded group with characters that meant something.

I've gotten a few emails from folks asking about this or what I thought about that, but this morning I receive a rather odd.. well, I won't say odd, maybe kind of interesting concept from my friend Michelle. My friends and listeners of the podcasts I do, know I never say "no" to players, but rather tend to work with them on whatever they want to  make things acceptable to both of us, as well as the group. 

Anyway, let me post the email I got:

Okay, yes you read that correctly, the player wants to have a baby with her while she is out adventuring.

My first thought is okay, that is different, but how will that work? 

I can see that working from a pure roleplaying stand point, but for adventures... I see this said baby causing a lot of problems. The common things I can see causing problems:
  • Baby crying
  • Baby making sounds while trying to be quiet
  • Baby becoming a target during battles
  • Baby needs food, can't eat rations
  • Baby saving throws, much weaker then a normal adventurer

These are the first thoughts that come to mind when I read the email, I will jot these down and present them when she is telling the group of her idea. If the group is cool with this idea, I am more then willing to roll with this for as long as things allow it.

I think its an interesting concept that the character has a dark secret of why she has this child and maybe, depending on the deity she picks, will frown upon this and not give her those spells she prays for, making her feel guilty until she admits the situation and returns the child to said family.

What would you do? What do you think?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Evil GM - AD&D 1e, Basic D&D and Marvel Super Heroes Character Creators!

Jump on over and check out the Html based character creator for AD&D 1e from or you can check out the Basic D&D character generator. Which ever one you need, each has a solid system and is very helpful.

Here is a great screen shot of the AD&D 1E Creator in action:

I will have to keep an eye on this as he improves it to see what happens with it as I am very happy to see this, as sometimes I just want to generator characters for a convention or a game at the local gaming store, but don't want to spend time rolling up all these characters.

Here is the Basic D&D generator in action:

Finally if you are a fan of Marvel Super heroes by TSR, you can get a generator for that as well! Check it out, its a small download:

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Evil GM - BLUEHOLME Prentice Rules

This morning I opened up my mail before heading off to work and I was happy to see the gift that was mailed to me by +Michael Thomas of Dreamscape Design! 

It was my very own personalized and authenticated copy of the BLUEHOLME Prentice Rules.

I wanted to put up a blog post and thank Michael personally, show everyone how great the book looks and tell everyone to pick up a copy!

Here is a link to pick it up via

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Evil GM - Prepping for your Game

How do you prep for your game?

I know I like to sit down, watching something that will really get my mind in gear, and then sit down for at least an hour a day, jotting down ideas for adventures.

Now these ideas don't have to be much more then a simple sentence or two, and don't worry about spelling mistakes or grammar, just write it down and get it down.

The next day, go back and look at it, see what you can make of this idea, trying to expand upon it.

I know I like to watch cartoons, and what I like to call, "Mind Screw" movies, they get your brain really charged up and moving.

For writing, I used to be a basic pen to paper guy.

As of recent, I've been using Evernote on my iPhone 6+. Its a great tool, it helps organize notes into notebooks for your ideas. Best part is you can access it via the web, or another device later on. It is free for the first 60MB per month of space, after that you can decide to pay a fee of $4.99 a month to get 4GB of space per month. 

Now that means, each month you have up to 60MB worth of space to use, and then it resets back to zero the next month. All your stuff stays right there, no worries about that.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hammers of the Duchy, Session 15

Join our intrepid adventurers as their adventure on the Hill comes to an end. Lough finds a strange sword, is it trying to control him? And what is blocking their way to freedom? Can they survive it??

Hammers of the Duchy, Session 15

Friday, February 13, 2015

The Evil GM - Background Scenery - Do players care?

Was sitting down last night with all my books out on the table, planning for my D&D game.. I was at the part where I was thinking about designing up the town the PCs will be spending some time, How much time that was, depended on them. 

We all know you plan for things a certain way and either, its never used or its barely touched upon in the game. Good news is maybe your efforts can still be salvaged in a later attempt as you can always use in another session or two.

Do players really care, if you have set up the background, such putting in colorful NPCs, give details such as you hear the wind-chimes of the general store, while every once in a while you get the smell of a wet dog as you pass the watering hole area through your nose.

Sure that is all set up and mood setting, but should you continue to make the background colorful and alive, or just say MEH! moving on to the next thing as they really don't care?

I know I enjoy designing up the background stuff just as much as planning the entire adventure for the night. 

Its fun to see a town come to life on paper, and its even more fun to play it all out, but... 

Sometimes I get the feeling players don't give a crap.

Sure, I know, it all depends on the players and their personalities... blah blah blah. Yeah, I've heard it before and I know this.

What do you think?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Evil GM - Ring of Bewitchery - Edition Neutral

Ring of Bewitchery 
by the Evil GM

Price:15,000 gp
Type: Ring
Weight -


The wearer of this ring has the ability to charm or manipulate any two legged humanoid of man size, it does not affect undead or large monsters. If the target fails their saving throw he instant becomes enamored with the wearer. The target will do anything to please the wearer within reason of the love target now feels over the wearer. Normal logic does apply here for the Referee as they will adjudicate what falls under the bounds of the enamored target and any such acts that will cause the target to do something they would not normally do (such as jump off cliff or kill a friend) will result in a saving throwing to break the charm. The target may have fallen for the wearer, but still has their own free will to make the final decision. (Rule of thumb, a loved one will what they can to please the one they love, but if it goes against their nature and them question it in their head, saving throw is needed). The target will get a chance to break the charm based on the following, referencing the target's intelligence:

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Evil GM - Mood Music during play?

I was sitting down with a friend this weekend as he was planning his adventure for his game during the week and he was running plots by me to see if they sounded good or not so good. 

Then he looked at me and said, "Well what if we grab some cool music and play it on a small speaker to help set the mood for each new area they enter. So if they are in a tavern some nice tavern music can be playing in the background."

I said to him if that's what he wanted, go for it, but ask the players first, seeing how they feel. Then I explained to him that in the games I've played in, that had "mood music" I felt it was too distracting and gave me a headache. 

But I also said that was me, everyone has different feelings about the situation and its best to ask or say to the group, "I am going to try a little mood music and its too annoying distracting please let me know."

What you think about "Mood Music"?

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Evil GM - Monster Mondays - Ice Goblins

Ice Goblins

Armor Class: 6 or 14 (depending on system)
Hit Dice: 3
No. Atks: 2
Damage: per weapon or d4 claw
  • Hide in plain sight (in icy/snow areas only) 
    • If standing completely still an ice goblin can blend in with the surroundings and can only be spotted if being actively looked for. (Difficult check required)
  • Unrestricted vision in snow like conditions
    • Ice Goblins have no issues seeing through snow falling that would normally restrict vision.
  • Bonus to balance, walking, climbing and running on ice.
    • Ice Goblins have no issues standing on, moving or climbing ice, its treated as a normal flat surface for them.
Weakness: Heat/Fire - each attack does double the normal damage.

For all other purposes these goblins can be compared to the system of your choice for the basics, unless modified above.

If an Ice Goblin is taken from its cold environment, it will slowly die as they need the cold to survive.

Friday, February 6, 2015

The Evil GM - New Deity - Tymorn the Cannibal

Tymorn the Cannibal

Type: Titan
Alignment:Chaotic Evil
Symbol: Bloody hand stump
Spheres of Influence: War, Rage and Hate
Typical Worshipers: Barbarians, tribesman, Humanoids of the wild
Avatar Hit-points (Human like form): 360
Armor Class (Human life form): 25 (-5)
Colors Related to god: Black and red

This Titan, when he comes down to stomp on the world, is 25 foot human like being known across the land as a powerful foe, crushing his enemy into the ground and feasting on their dead body during celebration. This god is only known to make a physical appearance when a kingdom has become too “bloated” or too “full of themselves” portraying that no one can oppose them.

His name is only whispered among people, as peasants feel saying his name too loudly will only draw his attention upon them. Some small kingdoms have taken to showing this so called god, respect and honor by sacrificing a person once a year, and having a celebration in his name. The thought process behind this is to show love and admiration of the god, so as he will not crush their entire kingdom into nothing.

The Titan is known to wear all black with hints of red in his normal garb, with a symbol of a bloody hand stump as his symbol.

Followers of this god tend to be primal people, such as Barbarians who live off the land. Followers will also adopt the life style like the Titan, and fill their lives with rage, hate and try to stomp over their foes, and rewarding themselves with the flesh as an offering to appease their god.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Evil GM - Characters on the path to Immortality?

I was looking at my shelf the other night and saw my old Basic D&D boxsets. My eyes fell upon the immortals boxset by Frank Mentzer.

Images came back into my mind of how much I enjoyed playing games in the earlier editions with as he so been dubbed in my podcasts, "The Great Joe DM". Queue the celebrated Angelic music.

How we played characters and were always looking for an angle to get our character into the Demi-god status or on the path to "immortal-hood". Yes I used that word instead of immortality, because of  the way it was an actual "class" you can become. Class might not be the right word, maybe just saying "thing" is the right word.

At one point, my friend was trying to become a lich and every adventure was based on his character becoming a lich in the end result. Not sure why he thought that was so cool, but he did for whatever reason attempt to do so. I guess it was as silly as my quest for my fighter to become a Death Knight, it was something we saw as teens and thought, "that would be AWESOME".

As my mind drifted, I soon started to question of how I haven't seen that many players doing the same things we did in the past as far as becoming a "legend". For years and years I've seen players have an end goal of becoming something that will keep their character living on forever. 

Nowadays, it seems everyone just players a character, not giving it much care at all. I am not saying that one edition is better then the other and it encouraged a player to care more about their character. 

Its just a passing notice I had while thinking about the early days. 

Now I know for certain, D&D 5E and Dragon Age really seem to encourage a player to really get into and build their character, not seeing him as a piece of paper, but more then that.

What are you thoughts?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Evil GM - Simple Grappling system? (Edition Neutral)

I was messing around with the idea of a quick and dirty grapple system for my games. I wanted something simple enough it can be resolved in a matter of a roll or two but not so simple one side over powers the other.

So I decided to take the method of rolling by taking the attackers d20 roll and adding any Strength bonuses vs. the defenders d20 roll +Strength bonuses as the base.

Then I decided that depending on their size you’d also roll an additional die such as:
  • ·         Small – d4
  • ·         Medium – d6
  • ·         Large – d8

After you roll this secondary die, you minus it off your opponents result total
Example: John is playing a Halfling who gets a d4 secondary die to his roll, while Tim is playing a human who gets a d6 as his secondary die.
  • ·         John rolls a 15 + 2 (str mod) = 17
  • ·         John rolls d4 and gets a 3
  • ·         Tim rolls a 18 +1 (str mod) = 19
  • ·         Tim rolls d6 and gets a 2

-         -  John’s new total is 15 (17 total minus Tim’s d6 roll of 2)
-          - Tim’s new total is 16 (19 total minus John’s d4 roll of 3)

Tim is the winner of the grapple.

Now people are most likely saying, well what about if its small vs. Large? I decided that when its small vs. Large the secondary die totals are swapped, giving a small the d8 and the large a d4.

Of course this method is based on humanoids only and should be modified when using other sizes.

Just some thoughts.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Evil GM - Horn of Spirit Summoning - Edition Neutral

The Horn of Spirit Summoning
by the Evil GM

Price:5,000 gp
Type: Horn
Weight 3 lbs


This horn appears as a blackened normal horn to the average character. Upon closer inspection the horn feels as if all eyes are upon you while you hold it. The air feels cold, and the little hairs on the holders neck stand up as if an eerie feeling is running up and down their spine.

When the holder blows the horn, all those around and that can hear the horn, feel the air get cold, the area become silent, as a slow wind picks up.

If there is a spirit with in 500 feet of this horn, it will instantly be drawn to the horn sound. The spirit will continue to follow the user of the horn, until its dispatched or at least one hour of game time has passed.

Monday, February 2, 2015

The Evil GM - Ring of Longevity - Edition Neutral

The Ring of Longevity
by the Evil GM

Price:25,000 gp
Type: Ring
Weight -


The ring appears to be an ordinary ring made of solid gold, with one tiny blue gem embedded in the center of the ring. When this ring is put on, it provides the wearer with life-sustaining nourishment, refreshing their mind and body. The user does not need to sleep at all for 1 week at a time. During this time period the wearer does not need to eat or drink. As the week continues, the wearer's skin starts turning a slight hue of blue, until becoming purple. When the wearer's skin becomes purple, he has 1 hour to take it off or start taking d4 damage for every 10 minutes the ring is still being worn.

The side effects of this ring are depending on how long its worn, and if a full week (7 days) is used, the wearer will need to sleep and recover for 32 hours with out interruption. If its worn and taken off earlier see table below:

1 day or Less - 8 full hours of rest
2 days            - 12 full hours of rest
3 days            - 16 full hours of rest
4 days            - 20 full hours of rest
5 days            - 24 full hours of rest
6 days            - 28 full hours of rest
7 days            - 32 full hours of rest

Spellcasters that need to prepare spells, follow the same rules for preparing spells, it does not allow a spellcaster to prepare more spells per day.

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Evil GM - Meta Gaming Pisses me off.

Today I was cruising around on the Wizards of the Coast forums, and looking for some 5E stuff and I came across this post, entitled “KnowYour Enemy”.

I figured, "hey this could be interesting" as I opened it up awaiting the slow speed here at work. My eyes narrowed and then became wide as I noticed the last line of this post:

                “…This guide will attempt to do extensive analysis of the monsters, as published, so that you may better make informed decisions and avoid any unpleasantness…”
So I continued to read this, and the guy really went into detail of each of the monsters even providing charts.

This was excellent PLAYER knowledge, NOT for CHARACTERknowledge, but it’s written for players who want to Meta-Game think. This in my opinion, defeats the whole purpose of playing the character in the game. Why? Because how would a level 1 character who’s never experienced anything know to use this or that spell, or weapon on a creature they've never seen?


This stuff pisses me the f#$k off and is also the main reason, I change every creature’s stats, increasing (and decreasing) AC. No creature in my game is a “Standard stock from the book” creature.

Can I do this? Yup, I am the DM, I am running the game, and it’s my world. 

I understand if you’re running a module and it’s already printed there, and you want to keep to the notes to make your life easier, but you can still change that as well.

I am not sure how people can play a game and enjoy doing this.

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The World of Arkonis Episode 45 – Why was Akio shunned? In this episode the group finally reaches the home of Akio, and speaks to the leader of his tribe and Clan. After the ...

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