Friday, October 10, 2014

The Evil GM - Enough Already OSR..

I am growing a little tired of the posts about people defining the OSR, and then arguing about what it TRULY means. After reading this Post here from Tenkar's Tavern I had to laugh and then get annoyed (not at Erik) but at everyone thinking they can define the OSR, thinking they are the "Godfather of the OSR".

No one owns the OSR and there is no real way to define it. It means something different to everyone, but yet it's really the same if you look at.

"Play the game you like, the way you like it."

That's what the OSR is about, its not about this certain game, or that certain game. Its not about just Dungeons & Dragons, its more about capturing the spirit of how games should be played.

The important part of playing roleplaying games is having fun, it seems most people are too hung up on defining what that fun is and then making sure everyone is having the SAME EXACT FUN they are having.

I used to be hard core saying, the OSR is basically anything that was Pre-2000 game wise and that anything after that was just pure crap.

Then I started becoming more active in the community. 

I witnessed all the fights, and even joined in on them, hoisting up the flag saying, "They are right!". 

Joining in on these battles only caused me to gain enemies and people hating me, instead of all of us holding our dice up together celebrating things.

Then one day it just hit me. I am a dumb fuck. What am I doing?

I am playing games after 2000 and I enjoy them just as much as that game written in the '80s. Why? 

Because I realized I am applying the style of playing I learned back then to all the games I played, which basically made all games I was involved with an OSR type game.

Oh Shit Really? That's what OSR means to me, because I realized I was playing the way I wanted to, and I liked it. 

Others did too.

Hate me if you want, I don't care. I am here to have fun and just play RPGs.

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