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Its about gaming, but D&D is top on my list, from D&D 5e, Pathfinder to good old AD&D 1e (where my roots come from!). I'm an Evil DM, I have been for many years, to the point folks enjoy my games and style but fear things in game. Paranoia is great and fuels a lot of awesome roleplaying situations with characters in game. Nothing is as it seems in my games, so feel free to show up in my game with your books and TRY to rules lawyer me, it will only result in another character soul taken. Remember you are the Dungeon Master and ANYTHING can be done as long as you can dream it up because you rule the game, not the other way around! IF the book doesn't list it, doesn't mean its not possible, think folks, you are the DM, do as you please, its your world! Over 1000+ character souls taken as of this date!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Evil GM - Actual Play Podcasts, Thoughts?

Do you listen to actual play podcasts that float around on the web? Do you find listening to other game masters weave a story and see how the players react? Maybe you steal ideas from the GM for your games, maybe you don't. 

Being a person who hosts podcasts and has done actual play podcasts in the past, I try to accommodate to the listener. Listeners drive the show, give you your feedback, your ratings and the reason you do it, so why not cater to them?

When I say cater to them, I mean I do the following:

  1. Give them audio quality - Meaning, I do not plunk a crappy recorder down in the middle of the table. I don't know about you, but for me, I hate that. I enjoy actual plays where everyone is mic'd well as if almost it was an actual podcast. All players on Skype, or something like Team Speak.
  2. Gather up a group of people that are outspoken, not afraid to be recorded - There is nothing worse (or boring) then listening to something where you get one worded answers or someone that just isn't into it.
  3. The story is entertaining - Face it, you can have a great cast and super quality audio, but if your story for the campaign sucks, no one will be into it.
  4. Make it crazy - Something I noticed when doing actual play, people love when things just get really wacky or crazy.
  5. Website - always have a website with character profiles, journals and whatever else you can think of. Why? it gives the listener something to look at while they are waiting for the next cast to come out. The more you have, the more you can hook people.
What do you think? Do you enjoy actual plays? Why style do you like?

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