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Video Wednesday, Metagame!

Looking around the web, my eyes fell on as I am always looking for funny things to watch or D&D related videos. I happened to find this little gem of funny and D&D, called Metagame. It reminds me of the movie Gamers, and how they cut back and forth between players and characters. Its only like a minute and a half long for the pilot episode, but the issue that the group argues over is funny as hell, check it out, support them!

The GM is losing their mind...and is a DICK!

An interesting topic came up the other day when I was speaking to a few gamer friends as they complained about how their GM was really controlling and basically started being a "dick" as they called him.
After speaking with them, and having them give me examples of his style of running a game, it appeared it was a new GM, just over his head. The GM often flipped flopped on rules, and always paused the game to find a rule, which he had to know, because he didn't believe what the group told him to be the truth.
My first piece of advise was to give this guy a break from GM'ing for a few weeks to get his composure and then sit down as a group to define how things will be handled.
Such as:
1. Rules will be looked up, but not take longer then a few moments as to not "ruin the mood". 2. A ruling can be made by the GM during the game to fore-go looking up rules, but it must stay the same through out the session that night. 3. Various house rules 4. Various different ways …

AD&D Creature Venonat

The Venonat travels around the nice warm country side or forest minding its own business. This creature is very unpredictable in what it will do. Most of the time it will just tend to run away from anything it deems a threat, but when cornered it will attempt to use its special attacks on their foe first, then resort to the actual bite attack. 
Signal Beam is a special attack, that the Venonat like to use first. This attack is done by using their antennae, the antennae will quickly vibrate, and a loud humming sound will be heard. All those around the Venonat must make a save vs breath weapon that are with 20' of the creature or become confused (as per the spell) for 1d6 rounds. During …

Crackle's TV Show Chosen, Great gaming story line?

I found this little gem of a show on my ROKU last week, located on the Crackle network. Crackle is a network that provides various Movies and TV shows for free, but has commercials. Its a lot like Hulu, but not as popular or known as well. Crackle also produces their own original shows like everyone is doing these days.

Now the premise of this show is:

"Chosen" follows Ian Mitchell -- a husband, father and lawyer -- who awakens one morning to discover a mysterious box on his doorstep containing a loaded gun and a photo of a stranger he must kill within the next three days. Ian quickly learns that if he doesn't kill this man), he may be killed himself along with his daughter who is being held hostage. Confused and desperate, Ian is transformed from an ordinary man into an unwilling assassin who must risk everything to protect his family."

Click here for the IMDb information:

Crackle's Chosen

So onto gaming...

Could this be a great side campaign for a smaller group of p…

Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology (no, its not a new movie!)

When I was at North Texas RPG Con, I happened to see this brochure by the elevator. Normally I wouldn't give that area a second look, but the INDIANA JONES logo caught my eye.

Now I've never been to this exhibit, but it travels around the country for all to see.

How cool is this, not only is it an interactive museum tour, but they added the flavor of the Indiana Jones movies to it!

The web page is interactive and talks about the various ways they mixed the learning with the movie itself. This is a like a gold mine for Game Masters everywhere, go there, learn about something such as an ancient tomb or mummy. Read about its history, jot down ideas, tweak it for your campaign, boom instant plot device or storyline for your game.

Check them out! Maybe it will be near you soon? 

How the ARC system can help your game

I was sitting here today and thinking about ways to get the characters in my game more involved, and have each player feel like their character is a star and not just some numbers on a page. An idea came to me, and I credit the idea to Karl Keesler when we had been talking about the Ghostbusters RPG by WEG. 
He said he had found somewhere on the internet, that having each of your players write out the following - 1 Ally, 1 Rival and 1 Contact , or as he called it the 1x1x1 system (I've been labeling it as the ARC system, just for easy reference).
Thinking about this, it could really involve characters in the game, and it will open up doors for me as the person running the game. 
I know quite a few of the White-Wolf games do get into using these three things, but its only if you pick it as an advantage or disadvantage.
I think making it part of the character creation method, will not only involve your players a bit more, but will show them you are serious about your game, and its not j…