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RFI Podcast's Contest Winner Announced

Well folks the show is finally up announcing the winner of the AD&D 1E Reprint core bundle books. It was a hard decision and a lot of people worked really hard on making some good modules, but only one could win.
The winner is..... A Darkness Under Apple Valley by Morgan Z. Sowell
The winning module can be found right here:
and as promised here is a collection of the entries put together for download and use freely:

For Vol 3 Issue 103, the crew sat down and reviewed the module as special treat for the show, so if you are interested in listening about it before downloading and looking at it, go ahead and click this links below:
MP3 Download

AAC Download

There will more contests to come!

Introducing B/X to New Players.

Hiya everyone. I decided to run my face to face group through the custom campaign we are designing here in the OSRGaming community. Adventures take place in the kingdom of the black knight. We are using Moldvay rules as a most of the group was brand new to 1e and now B/X edition!


The group of four characters, two Dwarves, a Cleric and a very ugly looking Elf, parted away from their homes to see out adventure, fame and glory. Upon their first night away, a massive storm ripped through the lands, sending hail to come crashing down on the land. The band of adventurers had to seek out shelter in a nearby Tor, in which they discovered that there was a well built room, paved in cobblestone and the walls covered in fancy designs. The room showing of age and dust, told the adventurers that no one has stepped foot inside this place in years. After exploring the night away, the group discovered that a group of goblins and hobgoblins had made their way down inside the place from the top of …