Wednesday, December 19, 2012

RFI Podcast's Contest Winner Announced

Well folks the show is finally up announcing the winner of the AD&D 1E Reprint core bundle books. It was a hard decision and a lot of people worked really hard on making some good modules, but only one could win.

The winner is..... A Darkness Under Apple Valley by Morgan Z. Sowell

The winning module can be found right here:

and as promised here is a collection of the entries put together for download and use freely:

For Vol 3 Issue 103, the crew sat down and reviewed the module as special treat for the show, so if you are interested in listening about it before downloading and looking at it, go ahead and click this links below:

MP3 Download

AAC Download

There will more contests to come!


Friday, December 14, 2012

Introducing B/X to New Players.

Hiya everyone. I decided to run my face to face group through the custom campaign we are designing here in the OSRGaming community. Adventures take place in the kingdom of the black knight. We are using Moldvay rules as a most of the group was brand new to 1e and now B/X edition!


The group of four characters, two Dwarves, a Cleric and a very ugly looking Elf, parted away from their homes to see out adventure, fame and glory. Upon their first night away, a massive storm ripped through the lands, sending hail to come crashing down on the land. The band of adventurers had to seek out shelter in a nearby Tor, in which they discovered that there was a well built room, paved in cobblestone and the walls covered in fancy designs. The room showing of age and dust, told the adventurers that no one has stepped foot inside this place in years. After exploring the night away, the group discovered that a group of goblins and hobgoblins had made their way down inside the place from the top of the mountain through a hole in the ceiling; into what appeared to be a sacrifice chamber. The adventurers cleared out the threat of goblins and killed the reanimated hobgoblin they found. The group rested until the heavy hail and rain let up.

Once the weather was better, the group set out for the nearest town to resupply and see if the local cleric can bring back the life of a fallen comrade. The town was Duvik's Pass, a large community in the kingdom, which recently has fallen under some type of plague that was killing off the town’s folks very quickly. The local cleric, told the party of the recent happenings in town, as he brought their comrade back to life. They found the cleric suspected the water supply coming from the mountains was tainted and promised the group one hundred gold pieces to go investigate, with the possibility of getting more if he could get it from the town's mayor.

The group decided to restock and go right away the next morning, but while at the local magic shop, two of the characters decided that the owner was charging too much to identify their found magical items and decided to threaten the old owner into some "cheap" prices. While the characters were successful, this wasn't the last run in with the old shop owner for them.

At night while they were sleeping, an old man looking much like the shop owner was caught robbing the characters and tied up. While the group was gathering up trying to decide what to do with him, the old man freed himself and was able to slip out the window and down the back alley way, as the characters tried their best to run after him, missing by only inches trying to dive tackle him down to the ground.

The group ran to the magic shop to confront the owner, who claimed he was there the whole time, and called the guards, because the characters kicked in his door to the shop. The guards arrived to the scene and started questioning the characters and suddenly siding with the old shop owner, who stated that if he stole things, he'd have a large sack of all the items and gold. The Sheriff turned to the party and found this sack on one of them. He was instantly arrested and thrown in jail.

The party made note that the guards, sheriff and old man all were not affected by the plague and instantly started thinking that they were behind the plague in town, but decided to keep it as a secret while they investigated.

Now the party, negotiated their party member's freedom, by saying they would explore the mountain's spring area for no charge, if the sheriff would allow their comrade out on parole. This was agreed to, and the party headed back to the magic shop, where they tricked a lone guard into allowing them to buy stuff. What started as an innocent, just buy some healing potions, turned into the party trying to see what they can get for almost nothing of a price. One of the party members tricked the guard into selling him, a dusty old oil lamp.

As suspected, the characters found out this to be a genie lamp, and rubbed the lamp. The characters confronted by an annoyed genie who granted the characters one wish. The characters debated after a while and decided to use the wish for good, and wish the town to be cured of the plague that affects them. The genie granted the wish and cured the townsfolk by killing them instantly. The party then rubbed the lamp again, and lawyered up their wish and worded it correctly to bring the townsfolk back to life and curing them of the plague. It worked, as the townsfolk came back to life cured of the plague for the moment. The party realized that they were cured for now, and if they needed to live on, the water supply needed to be cleaned.

End Session

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

RFI Podcast Contest: Win the core three 1E reprints!

This week on the Roll for Initiative podcast, DM Will announced his contest and the prize is a copy of the AD&D 1E Reprints done by WOTC! Details of the contest are as follows:
The Prize, the three core reprint books for AD&D 1E! a $100 value!

Submit to: RFIStaff(@)gmail(.)Com with the follow info:
- Full name
- Address
- email address
- Forum name at OSRGaming (if you have).

- First Edition Core Rules style only.
- A Halloween theme'd adventure.
- Minimum of 25 rooms with boxed text.
- Pictures optional.
- Full text of monsters.
- At least a hand drawn map, keyed with numbers.
- In word or PDF format

Tips/Guidelines: ... elines.pdf

Due date:
Nov 1st, 2012 -- 11:59PM EST*

*Note: Contest subject to cancellation due to lack of entries. All entries become properity of RFI and WGP, LLC.

Example modules:

B3 - Palace of the Silver Princess
UK2 - The Sentinel
UK3 - The Gauntlet

Monster Box Text Example:

Annis AC: 0, HD: 7+3-12, HP: 61 #Att: 3, DMG: 2-9+7/2-9+7/3-9+7(natural attacks claw/claw/bite), Special Attacks: Grappling, Special Defenses: 100% vs illusion/phantasm magic, iron skin, AL: CE, Experience Points: 1910 XP

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Challenger RPG -- Free!

When I was on Amazon looking for some books, this book popped up in my side bar as recommended. It was a kindle edition and it was free, so I decided to give it a look, hey its free.

First off on Amazon the author spouts off this:

#1 in Free Roleplaying and Fantasy Kindle Books "January, February, and March 2012"
#14 in Free Fantasy Kindle Books "January 2012"
Top 50 and under in Free Fantasy Kindle Books "From January 2012 Onwards..."
Outranked "Angry Birds" in Games on Kindle at one point.

This is a pen and paper tabletop roleplaying game, not a computer game. If you're looking for one of those, I'm afraid you'll have to look elsewhere. I highly recommend the dungeon-crawling German rogue-like "Lost Labyrinth" which is free to download and a purely awesome game.

If you're looking for fiction, you're in luck! You will find the completely free comic fantasy novel "The End of The World" at the very back of this e-book. Enjoy.
Okay, well that is pretty darn good, and it made me really want to grab my kindle and start reading, as the game promises the following:

Free, 20+ Races, 36 Classes, 50+ skills including: specific skills, broad skills, power skills, and special ability skills. GM rolls no dice, completely player-driven approach to gaming with a core mechanic using the d20 and set damage ratings for most weapons so combat is faster and more furious than ever before. 2x faster combat than 4E Dungeons and Dragons.

More than 60 Pages of GM advice useable with any system. New rules on stacking monsters, monster subtypes, magic items, a list of monsters for use with Challenger, traps, and rules on non-combat obstacles complete with TN's.

The rules on Base Skills have been removed and clarified. No more must you roll 75 different base skills to start play. It's as simple as choosing your skills, classes, race, 5 powers, purchasing equipment and calculating your stats and you're done!

New rules on armor, equipment, and improved background powers to further detail your character like never before. Crazy races have been ditched and new races combined to make the rules on races simpler, more flexible, and even more entertaining!

You'll still find the classic traits generator for your character, improved formatting thanks to the masterful Matt Fleming (soon to be included in the game credits) and fantastic artwork by the incomparable L.E.C.D.
Well the first thing I noticed were a bunch of spelling errors, and sentences that should have a question mark on it, have nothing.  I can look past that, as I have be guilty of making the same  mistake (may not as bad as this though). First thing that stood out to me, was there was a novella sized story in the back of the book, set in its own world with many possible interesting characters. The thing that fell flat about it, was the characters didn't seem real, and it was like they were often sharing in some inside joke only the author knew about.

There is a diamond in here, the GM section of the book. It goes into some pretty neat details about creating adventures. Bonus for any person struggling to create something.

The rules and other things are a bit weird.. Here is the races involved:
Human, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, Troll, Horse, Robot, Toad, Catgirl, Ooze, Stickman, Skeleton, Cyclops, Nymph, Centaur, Wraith, Gremlin, Alien, Squirrel, Satyr, Tin soldier, Puppet, Magical orb, T-rex, Narwhal, Immortal, Diety, and Killer chicken

Here is the classes involved:
Warrior, Wizard, Healer, Beastmaster, Bard, Ninja, Rage maniac, Pirate, Body/mind master, Magic Item Maker, Phase-shifter, Shape-shifter, Knifethrower, Diplomat, Loner, Master Cook, Spy, Handsome Dude, Collector, Hunter, Seductress, and Illusionist.

After seeing all this, I couldn't continue reading the book, the rules of the game for combat and other things are written so weird that I had to read them twice to understand how to do something. I see the passion that went into this book, but it needs to be polished up a bit.

You can download the kind edition here for free or you can download the full edition for free at RPGNOW.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cortex Rules!

Its been out for a long time, and it dates back as far as the Serenity RPG game, expanding into the Battlestar Galactica RPG and finally its own core rules, known as the Cortex Blue book core rules.

You can read up on the Wiki for more details about the system

This book is much like the D20 Modern book in a way that there is no real theme to it, its not fantasy, space, or even the world of gangsters. The good news is that you can take this book, or toolkit as I like to call it and make it into any game you want to play that night. Designed by the Margaret Weis productions team, this toolkit was a sure hit.

Some features about the game:

The system is your basic point-buy, skill based system more akin to Vampire than D&D (i.e. no classes). Characters have a series of general attributes (e.g. Strength) and specific skills (e.g. Guns). These are rated by a category of die: d2, d4, d6, d8, d12, d12 +d2 and keeps going.

When you need to make a check, you roll the die corresponding to your attribute, and the die corresponding to your skill and add them together, giving the GM your results. The GM will determine based off the chart in the book what target number you have to score or higher. If you hit the number or over you are successful, if you score 7 points over the target number its considered a critical success. If all 1's come up on the die, its considered a "Botch", much like how it is in Vampire.

For getting hit and taking damage, you do have a hit point type system, which is life points. But there is a few ways of taking damage, Wounds or Stun, in which if either one of the two equal your life points, you are knocked out (stunned) or dead (wounds).

Things that stood out to most people, including myself, was that when you die or fall unconscious you get to make a few "save checks" which start getting harder each round as you struggle to stay awake or alive. It makes me smile, because it makes me think of that over acted William Shatner death.

Another cool thing about the game, is plot points. Often referred to as Drama points in other systems, as these little points you collect can bend the lines the game in your favor. Your friend dies? spend the extra plot points to pull off an amazing round of CPR and save his life.

So that's a basic look at the Core system that of course Margaret Weis Productions, no longer supports (but will sell) as they moved onto a more stream lined system called Cortex Plus. The PDF is going for 4.99 on I highly suggest picking it up and seeing what you can make out of the game. Supernatural is the only game that really came out of the Blue Book Rules, the others were before and helped build the core as we see it today.

There was once a great forum, done by a fan that held some great information about the Core system and what tweaks people did with it. Sadly that forum closed up and the info is lost. Makes me very sad.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The new improved Mazes & Perils!

Today I released the new Mazes and Perils, or should I say, new and improved M&P. With more levels, spells and some other adjustments. There is a brand new layout that was done by one of the users at forums, named Vile. He has worked on such things in the past, and offered to do it in his free time to make it look nice. I would like to personally thank him for his hard work, and effort, as he to was sick of all the "we can't create, but we sure can bash" people. So its a fully complete, up to level 12, Holmes inspired RPG. Enjoy!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Movie Review: PontyPool

This movie came up in my Netflix streaming today as a new add, under psychological thrillers, which I absolutely love to watch. Nothing like watching a movie that makes you sit on the edge of your seat and also have to think about it. Having done a quick look up on the film, it was  influenced by Orson Welles' infamous radio production of "The War of the Worlds."
Upon seeing that, I was in. I am all for a movie, that uses a few characters and a lot of misdirection, a bunch of rumors and a lot of sound effects. Which this movie does, as it revolves around 3 characters inside an old AM radio station in a small town called Pontypool, which apparently is located somewhere in the Ontario area.
Slowly as the movie moves on, there is a bunch of unconfirmed reports to the radio station, of a mob of people attacking a doctor's office somewhere downtown. As the reports start coming in and they get some on the scene live phone calls, its apparent, sometype of "out break" has happened, as the reporter on the phone describes the people as "babbling the samethings over and over, and randomly attacking other people."

Now I won't destroy the movie for you, incase you want to see it, but its really a neat way how this "virus" happens and the last few minutes of the film, when the characters finally figure things out, is awesome.
If you have Netflix streaming, or Amazon on Demand, and have a free 93 minutes, you wont be sorry.
Now how can one use this movie in there game?
Easy, this movie shows that with a little misdirection, some rumors and sounds, a bunch of people will believe something. For example, in your campaign, you can have your PC's trapped inside a room, trying to wait for help, and start dropping weird rumors from various town folk that manage to make it to their safe house. Do it a few times, and the PC's might be too scared to leave the safe house, or will think twice before charging out to kill things!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

A peak at the FFG: Star Wars Beta

So after listening to the Order 66 podcast, I decided, after bitching and crying, that I wanted to see this damn game and ordered the book. Not only did it take a week to even ship, the book came in this huge box 3 times the size of it. Made me laugh and then cry, as I realized what I paid in shipping. Thanks FFG!

The book itself is about the same as if I got one of my college class books, you know those books that you paid tons of money for, but wasn't the best quality.

Sure its full color, and has some pictures. Here is a couple of shots of the inside, the rules and the tables when building a character.

Here is the sticker sheet on the back, so you can make your own dice!

I haven't read it yet, but from the looks of it, it reminds me of a tech manual from school, and I can see this book falling apart after much usage.

BUT I love Star Wars, and I wanted to TRY it out. So the only sucker, would be me, if I didn't like it.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Let's talk Spell casting for a moment?

I was looking through the books the other day and reading about how magic users learn their spells and cast them. Each level has a "cap" to how many spells a MU can cast a day per level or should I say, can memorize and then cast per day. Now any spell found or gained over the max level of spell caster, is considered to be just a spell read off a scroll. The question that was flying around in my big empty head was, what is to stop a 4 level magic user from learning to use a spell that is much higher in level then he is used to? Is it the magic itself, not allowing a MU to learn that spell, because they haven't gained enough experience? Well, one would think, at 4th level, a MU would be experienced and confident enough to easily grasp a spell, memorize it and cast it.

Is the length of the spell the reason why? Why can't a 4 level MU, every night after studying his spells, read the higher level spell and break it down so he could make himself learn it? What's to stop him? I don't see a real valid reason, other then its higher level and he just can't. I've heard its just the complexity of the spell. Well with a 17 or 18 intelligence, one would think that character after sometime, would figure out that complexity and learn that spell.

Anyhow, just some food for thought.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

He-Man! I think?

Someone sent this wacky He-Man video to me. I only could watch it with wonder, shock and amazement. I can't say anymore, so here ya go.

Monday, August 20, 2012

What? You want me to pay you to beta your stuff?!

Yup. You heard me. Apparently the news coming out of GenCon 2012 is that Fantasy Flight Games has released the new Star Wars RPG --- BETA TEST phase. Cool? Well, not so much. Why? Because they are selling it. Yes you heard me, Selling it. For a cool $30 USD you can BUY the beta rules soft-covered book.

What kills me is that the book is lacking a lot of the artwork, and is lacking a bit of a cinematic Star Wars theme. Let me show you what annoys me about this book, other then the fact the rules are subject to change, because of play testing.

"This limited edition, 224-page softcover rulebook provides you a chance to lead these galactic explorers. This is a complete and playable version of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, and (compared to the final version) it excludes only art and certain thematic material."

The bold is directly from their website store, in fine print. $30! Come on, talk about robbing the cash cow! $30 is more like a full complete rules set!

Another thing that could be interesting or not, depending on how you look at it, is it comes with "Stickers" to put on your dice for their "Special Dice" set.

When this does come out, you will have to buy their dice to play the damn game. Hopefully they continue the stickers thing and allow you to download or buy the stickers page cheaply.

My thoughts on buying this, is NOPE. Pass. I'll wait until it comes out officially, and then spend the money to get it. I'm not buying a book that will be worthless to the game itself in a year or so.

How the Joker could have been in Dark Knight Rises.

So we all know what happened to the late Heath Ledger, and we all saw the Dark Knight with his awesome performance in it. One thing that did come to mind and I went around the web looking this up, is what Nolan's thoughts were on how there was no mention or talk about how all the inmates escaped, but the Joker did not. I understand Nolan was being respectful, and didn't want to be disrespectful to Heath, so he just left it out. Well I stumbled across this website, where Sam Saxton, has a cartoon drawing of what happened to the Joker, with some dark lighting, and some CGI, and laugh tracks, we could have had this 30 seconds:

Saturday, August 18, 2012

ORCS! - The movie?

OKAY. So today is my birthday (yay!), but I woke up to see this email in my box, saying I should check out this movie, called ORCS! An indepentant film about if Orcs actually were real and decided to come and kill us. The poster itself looks like it could be cool.

But after watching the trailer for it, it reminded me a very bad Shawn of the Dead, mixed with Super Troopers, and a touch of Army of Darkness. I am not sure if I would watch this movie, after doing a little more research from Anyhow, here is the blurb about the movie and the trailer. The website for the movie doesn't exist anymore, so I guess it was a bomb (a 3.7 on IMDB). Tell me what you think? Would you see it?

When marauding orcs invade a US National Park, our collective fates lie in the hands of Ranger Cal Robertson and his side-kick, Volunteer Cadet Hobie, who must stop the wave of destruction before the whole world is overrun.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Awesome Water Color of Gygax

Over in the OSR GAMING forums, Teaman decided to share a really cool picture of Gary Gygax he did with watercolors.

I think he did a great job of capturing his likeness and his smile. Rest in Peace Gary!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

DND Next Live from Gencon

Well, I caught the last half hour of the live feed from GenCon 2012, about what they will do with DND and what to expect. Good news did come out, that they will release previous editions.. in electronic media format. This could mean a few things. One, PDF's again, two, Maybe POD or three a subscription to DND insider or whatever they want to call it and say, here is all we got, but you can only view it online and you can't download it, this way we can control it.

They predict, the game will not be out for at least 2 years. 2 YEARS?! Wow this better be one hell of a game.

One thing that caught my attention, was this time they are allowing us (our characters) to shape the world of Forgotten realms. Where have I heard this idea from... oh wait, I know Paizo already has perfected this, and won the battle on this.

Other thoughts.

People keep screaming at me, "those things you don't like are optional", yeah I know this, but not everyone will follow it. Most people will be like, "hey its printed in the CORE book, so its law". Unless they design the book with the standard rules and then in the back half, put "OPTIONAL RULES TO CHANGE YOUR GAME PLAY." people will use it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

More thoughts on DND Next

After reading through the DND Next or 5e, as some call it, I am getting a bit disappointed in the material. Why? Well, the most I can say is I am not happy in the direct the character creation is going. I do think the characters will be getting a little too powerful at the lower levels. There is also an issue that characters can interchange roles and be one "super class". Like a fighter, running around casting (minor) spells to kill things with out penalties.

I know its only round two of the play test and WOTC is still planning on giving us more based on the feedback on this. I will stick around for round 3 and see what it has to say, but so far I do not like a bunch of things. I wish I could say more, but actually I can't even though we all know that anyone reading this more then likely signed up for the play test...


Monday, August 13, 2012

D&D Next, Round 2

So today the next round of D&D next came shooting into my email. I quickly downloaded it before all the geeks could jump on it and overload the server. It downloaded quickly (good job WOTC). Opened it up and it was interesting to see it went from the fancy play test stuff to basic words on a page with no real fancy lay out like on the first one. This to me felt like, now they were getting down to serious business.

This time instead of giving us just pregens, they have included how to make up a character from the start. Which I can say, is no different then when we played say 3E.

There was also a document, detailing what they changed and how to use this new play test packet. In this document, it detailed and broke down in each section what is new. For example, what rules changed or are new. What changed about Monsters, what changed about classes..etc.

I do have to say I am impressed with go around, as it feels more like a real beta test and they mean business, unlike the first round where it felt like a couple of guys joking around giving you some fancy work ups of their creation.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

D&D Next? or 3E revised..again.

So I got the email, everyone in the D&D world has been waiting for today. The play test of D&D Next email in my inbox at 930am CST. Of Course clicking on the link, resulted in nothing but a long hang time until it gave me can not open message.

Apparently Wizards screwed up on the first link, apologizing to its fans in the forums and sent out a new link, which also hung.

Finally after a bunch of tries. I got in, signed the agreement and got the documents.

I popped open the documents, and it gives you 5 pregens. Fighter, two Clerics (a healer and a battle like), a rogue and a wizard. As well as a mini adventure, a bestiary, a "how to play document" and finally a DM Guidelines document.

After reviewing them, and reading over the documents carefully, its basically Third Edition D&D well organized. WHAT?

This is what we waited for? Wizards to bring out 3E rules, nicely organized for us?

How is this Old School? Its not. Unless you consider 3E "Old School".

How does this represent Moldvay D&D like they said in the blogs? Oh wait. I know how, its how the sheet is set up. Everything nicely squeezed into one sheet.

Just in case you are wondering, the DM guidelines document, doesn't tell you anything interesting except how to control a DC or set up an save. Something anyone can pick up in the "how to play".

Also the bestiary, does exactly what they did in 4E, tells a DM How to play the monster. A good DM doesn't need this.

I'd like to put up an image, but I guess that would violate terms and get my Blog taken down. Feel free to go download it if you can and comment.

Let's hope round two of the play test makes this look better, otherwise, just pull your 3E books off the shelf or go play Pathfinder.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Inteviewing Bruce Heard

Today, I had a chance to chat with Bruce Heard from TSR's past for the Save or Die Podcast. We chatted about how he got into gaming. His story about getting into gaming and finally working for TSR was quite interesting.

During the interview, we also chatted about Mystara, and one of my favorite box sets, Hollow World.

All in all a wonderful interview with some nice insight how things were done back in the day. IF you are interested in listening in, check out SoD #47: Bruce Heard Interview for more details

Monday, February 6, 2012

What the hell, Wotc is killing my game? No it's just greedy bastards out there.

Today I was looking through some prices on for 1e books. What did I notice since the announcement of the 1E reprints by WOTC? Prices on the rise, I mean like outrageous prices. Not only that, but used book prices are pushing up. After hearing from various people there used book orders had been returned, I went on amazon and ordered a ad&d 1e phb, dmg, and mm. All prices had been under $7, and I made sure to note the company names. Sure enough, a day later my orders were refunded, and canceled. What the hell? Do these people really think because the reprints are going for so much, they can jack up the prices of these old musty used books? I indirectly blame Wizards for this, because they knew, doing what they would, would only inflate the current market prices. Anyone who says they wouldn't is a liar. So the prices have gone up,for a book that doesn't compare to the shit being rolling out by wizards, or ccp, or any company...quality style wise. Now a new person looking at this, is like why should I pay $35 for a book from the 80s with just type and line art, when I can buy a full color fancy book? It's simple they don't. Thanks again, WOTC!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Legend of the 5 rings rpg

Today I grabbed a copy of l5r 2e, for $3. The gm and players guide. I've played this edition of the game, but I am sure its similar to 3E and 4e for that matter. I've always enjoyed the Oriental Adventures book from AD&D 1e, and glad this whole thing kind of spawned out of it. I am also sick of hearing that Oriental is a racist term and I shouldn't support that book. First off, it was the '80s when this came out, the term was acceptable. Then Polictial correctness came along in the mid '90s and anyone who is anyone, that got a hair crossed the wrong way on their ass, started shouting and bring up lawsuits. Now suddenly the term Oriental is offensive. I can see the point of it being offensive IF USED that way. But I am not using it that way, I a describing a book and a setting... not a person.

Anyhow... back to fun.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Random Generation

As of recent I have been looking over some old games from the '80s and noticed a pattern. A pattern we all used in the games and we took for granted, and more then like fudged numbers or just picked it. What is it you say? Well random rolls for character generation. I am talking about games like Marvel RPG, or TMNT. Where you took your dice, and rolled it, where it landed, was the start of a new character for you.

It was fun, making a story for the odd character got "stuck" with. I look back and some of my old characters and laugh. In playing TMNT, I had a Camel Ninja, that spook with a british accent, and he acted like he was part of the royal family. Ah it was fun. Just thought I would share this moment that I was thinking with you all.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mazes & Perils Monster: Reanimated Hand

In efforts to make the Mazes and Perils free clone rpg noticed, I've decided to start making up new monsters for use with the game. Of course this monster can be used with any fantasy edition of gaming. 

Reanimated Hand

Move: 120’/turn*
Alignment: lawful Evil
Hit Dice: 7
Attacks: Slam or Trample
Special: See below
Armor Class: 2
Damage: 1-8 or 1-10
Treasure Type: nil

A reanimated hand is a large hand and wrist, normally with a giant fancy ring on its index finger, which it props up as if it was a head while it crawls around on the finger tips.
The origins of the hand and where it came from is unknown, but legends and rumors say it was a hand ripped from an once power immortal that went crazy with power.

The reanimated hand are immune to sleep, poison, paralysis and disease like undead.The Reanimated hand can read and write any and all languages, but can not speak. Reanimated hands have the ability of blind-sight and can sense all opponents around it.

The Reanimated hand, has the ability to slam down on a character like fist squashing a bug doing up to 8 points of damage. The Reanimated had also has the ability to run and trample over its target, much like how a stampede does doing upwards of 10 points of damage.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Magical Crossbow.. too powerful?

I was looking up show notes for RFI and stumbled across this one in an old dragon magazine (40), and was considering it for one of my games.

Crossbow of Multiplication.
May be either light or heavy, and uses the range of fire of the proper class. However, the weapon creates its own bolts. These are treated as +0, +0 magic bolts but can hit any target capable of being damaged at all by physical weapons (even those, for example, which can only be hurt by +3 weapons or by blunt weapons). Bolts disappear after hitting or missing. On each shot, roll a 20-sided die for the number of bolts fired, subtracting 5. Results of 5 or less are treated as 0 (that is, there is a 25% chance the crossbow will fire nothing at all—otherwise, it fires 1 to 15 bolts). The bolts spread out in an even cone in a forward direction, from a single bolt straight ahead to 15 in a 90-degree cone. Therefore, unless the target is very wide or very close, no more than 1 or 2 bolts will strike a single target.

After reading it, I was like, this is way too powerful for a low level campaign. But then after reading it a few times, It isn't so bad. So it shoot a lot of bolts..big deal... Will it hit things? There is a 25% chance to no bolts come out and do nothing.  Otherwise 1 to 15 bolts come out to attack my target area, but unless its a big old fat monster, only a bolt or two will hit. So it gets a bonus for looking cool and seeming like an advantage, and double bonus it only will hit one target. Triple bonus is if you have a knuckle head in your group that fires this into combat, its going to hit the whole party lol.

The only advantage a player has on this item, is if they get put up against 5 monsters at once and get first attack or its a really large monster, like a giant or a dragon.


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