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Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Avengers Movie - First look

Happened to hear the other day on Howard Stern that the preview of the movie was out, and it could be found on youtube.com. So I went and looked it up, and watched it a few times. The trailer is interesting, it shows all the characters they promised with all the same actors.. well Edward Norton is not playing the incredible hulk. Anyhow the trailer shows the team, gives a minor purpose how they formed the team to protect the world. The trailer shows some great clips, but doesn't really show why or what they are protecting the earth from. Granted I haven't read any spoilers or advanced news, because I wanted to watch the movie with out people's judgement or bitching.. such as I've already seen how people are bitching Nick Fury is not white. Who gives a crap, so what? its Ultimate Nick Fury, and Samuel L Jackson is a hell of an actor with loads of talent.

This kind of crap is what ruins movies, because we get these stupid ass geek morons, screaming its not exactly like the comic book they had under their pillow at night when they were 12, next to the penthouse magazines. Why can't people just watch and ENJOY the movie for the purpose of the entertainment it is? Sigh.

So who's the villian? My guess, is it is, Loki. Due to the ending we saw at the end of Thor movie, as the credits finished. But I could be wrong. What do you think?

This could be a great marvel super hero adventure. If you still play the game, how would you use this set up?

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  1. I think you're right about several things. One is that geeks need to stop their whining. For a long time I did it. Then, I realized it is all kind of silly and just want to watch the movie/t.v. show and enjoy. Two is that Loki will be the bad guy. Three not sure how I would kick start a marvel's game. Be fun to ponder though.