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Monday, September 12, 2011

Finally Home... Floodings...Evacs...

Not sure if too many of you know, but I live in the state of PA. In fact, I live right in the area of PA that the floods happened. The greatest flooding since 1972, called Hurricane Agnes. This time Tropical Storm Lee took out the area. The rivers rose as the rain came down, on us, flooding the bridges out, along with homes and various businesses.

I tell you, its a scary feeling when you wake up and watch TV from a hotel room, because your area is flooded, just to see if your house is still there and not floating down the river. Thankfully, my house was intact with no damage. BUT just a few houses down, a woman's house was destroyed by water, she was sitting outside her house, pulling out all her things on the front lawn. Things like TVs, lamps and laptops covered in a white muddy substance of the rivers remains. I helped her as much as I could today.

I have to thank the National Guard for coming into the flood zone and setting up blockades to help prevent the water from destroying other houses.

Its Just a scary thought, seeing on the news the local CVS drugstore or the local Dinner you go to is underwater and maybe gone forever.

On a lighter note, the proto-type for my DM Screen for the RFI Podcast, finally got to my house. I was excited to see something good come out of these last couple of days. You can check it out here on the website http://osrgaming.org/main/products.html

Will update some more as time goes on. Just wanted to let you all know why I didn't update for a week.

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  1. For something like that, we don't need explanations or apologies. Glad you are safe.