Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Being Sick, is good?

So this past week I have been sick, with the flu. Yeah, sucks doesn't it? Well what can one do besides cough, sneeze, and blow one's nose? Work on your DIY projects. So far I've managed to make a travel sized B/X set of books, above is my Marsh/Cook Expert Rules, bound and smaller! Why? I don't know, I needed a book I could bring around that wouldn't fall apart and wanted something smaller to fit in my bag with out taking up a lot of room. Blam. This works out great! Both books are small and take up less room, and wont sperate on me like the originals. Perfect book for travel and toss around at the table. So after some research on the web, and speaking to Rob at, I began working on my mini DM screen. So keep tuned in to see the progress of that, its coming out well so far. I've already designed the inside with the charts and various things I wanted on it, now I need to figure out what graphics I wanted on the outside.

What else did I get done? Well, I was able to jot down the ideas for the end of the Book of Sorrows Campaign.. yes its finally over, Sadly. I am going to miss the game and the characters, but the players are interested in moving on and coming back to the characters again.


  1. Of old age right? Years after successfully destroying the book of sorrows?

  2. no, the book drives him mad and Trask kills him.

  3. Where did you get the X book bound? I've got some PDFs I want to print and am looking at the various options available.

  4. I went Kinkos, and had the pdf on a data stick, said I wanted 1 copy printed out to this size and they did it.


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