TheEvilDM's Sage Advice: Episode 14 - Why I changed the alignment system

In this video, I go over how I changed from the 9 point alignment system to a 3 point alignment system in my D&D 5e game, The World of Arkonis Actual Play podcast. 
1. Light Characters  Under this spectrum will follow the law to the best of their ability, and know they are being watched, thus do the right thing. They will help fellow mankind out when needed, but doesn't necessarily mean they will go out of the way to right the wrong all the time. Not all characters that fall under here will be Justice Warriors, unless they desire to be.
2. Dark Characters  Under this spectrum will follow good’s ultimate opposite, pure Evil. Which is demonic in nature, always trying to encourage the misery of others and taking pure joy at watching what they accomplished. Their actions are purely based on a whim, and diabolical in decision when possible. 3. Grey Indifferent is neither really light nor really dark and is normally the alignment associated with nature or the “go…

Why not try Milestone leveling instead of XP Leveling?

In my previous posting, I talked about using Gold/Treasure as a way to reward XP, and help shifting focus away from just running around slaying things for experience points. But then the issue came up of "what about just skipping all that and just milestone level?"

TheEvilDM's Sage Advice: Episode 13 - Gold for XP in your Campaign

In this episode I went over how you can take your 5e game in a different direction entire when you move the focus off killing for xp to gold for xp. When gold is the end result or goal in the game and that's what gets the characters experience, the player will start thinking differently.

TheEvilDM's "Roots of Evil": Episode 2 - Chatting Sword & Wizardry Ligh...

In this episode I sit down with Erik and talk about life, things going on, how he got started in gaming, his blog and how S&W Light came about. Check it out!

TheEvilDM's Sage Advice: Episode 9 - Mundane Trap Ideas?

In this episode, I try to spark a little fun and imagination in your minds by talking about regular mundane trap ideas that can be used in your game, not to hurt characters, but more so throw them off, cause weird things to happen.

D&D 5e Player's Handbook on the cheap, $21 on Amazon.

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This is a great time to grab a back up copy for yourself, or be that cool DM that buys copies to have at the table for your group. With Prime, shipping is free, so why not grab it? Right?!
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